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Hey everyone! Yesterday I received this amazing and sweet package full of beautiful jewelry from :

I found there website on instagram and fell in love! I love the rosé – and gold pieces a lot. Despite that I am a fashion addict, I have to tell you that outfits without some jewelry are like a dog without his owner haha…. 😉

Before the package arrived I already had some ideas of how I was going to style them. I orderd a bracelet and two necklaces. One extra bracelet came as a suprise! It is the gold one.

The first piece a choose was the Eternity Necklace:


It is from TOMSHOT and handmade. The color is rosé gold, which I personally really like. It gives me a kind of feeling that you can handle the world and you can style it with almost everything.

The next thing  I got is the Celtic Knot Rose Gold


(Yes, it is also Rosé Gold) I just love rosé gold at the moment, I want my hair in that color.But that is another story haha. So, this bracelet is so stylefull and stays for: interconnectedness of life and continuity. There is no beginning or end on the knot, in Buddhism, in which it is known as the endless knot, it also represents compassion and wisdom.

You can easy resize this bracelet, so it fits close to your arm.

The last piece I received are Long Feather Necklace and my personal suprise gift!


The necklace is from TOMSHOT and the bracelet is from Landré. 

I’m in love.


If you did fell in love to, you can use my code ESMEERODRIGO10 for a nice discount! 🙂

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