Outfit | Black Leather Jacket


Black Leather Jacket


Goodevening guys!

How are you doin? Weekend is almost there and it is the first weekend of my well wanted, summer holidays!
I no I haven’t been uploading for so, so long. Because of school my inspiration fade away and I really had to focus on my exams. This summer I want to do more with my blog and instagram account. I already made a list with some ideas and goals I want to achive.

Now we only have to wait for my inspiration to get back…

Luckly I am going to Valencia soon, to explore the city and relax for some time. Visiting city’s and beautiful places give me lots of new energy. But lets move on to this blogpost, that is about my favorite new black leather jacket from Pull and Bear. It took me a few months before I found the perfect leather jacket. Last week, right after a really important exam, I went shopping (just as a gift for myself, after so many days of studiyng) and I founded this jacket by accident. I was lucky, because it was also on sale! I think that a black leather jacket is one of the best basic jackets that every woman should have. You can litterly style it with everything and it looks cool and classy at the same time.

I hope you enjoy this post and I will see you in my next one,

Stay Positive!

xo Esmée

Black Leather Outfit




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