Madrid Adventures | Outfit 2

Hii Babes!

I am so happy! Everything is going so well this month! Aldo the summer is almost over, I really wanted to share this blue summer outfit that I wore on my vacation in Madrid. It contains my patched short and a blue detailed crop top that I bought in a small shop in Madrid city. The off shoulder trend is still going on and I hope it won’t stop for a long time because I am OBSESSED with everything that is off the shoulder right now!


I use my white bag from Mallorca everyday. You can style it with everything. The little pompom that I got from Primark makes it so adorable. As you can see, this post contains a lot of spontaneous pictures. The ones that are unexpected , my boyfriend kept surprising me, haha!

And oh dears, my shoes. Miss Pap is my new favorite online webshop. I saw these sandals by some other bloggers and I felt in love immediately. I was so glad that Miss Pap sold them!  Just as my bag, I wore them every single day.

The door behind me in this last two pictures is so pretty. I wish my front door was like this !

I hope you have a great day sweeties!


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