My Autumn Wishlist | Outfit


This is the first time ever that I make this kind of wishlists. I can show my style to you and hopefully, you will get some inspiration from it. This one contains an complete outfit that is perfect for the Autumn season.

For a long time I see those Flattering Pants hanging around in lots of stores. This one on the right has a softy pink color that I really like at the moment. This Autumn I want to have one of these. A few years ago I would never wear it, but I changed and so my style did to.

I love to combine this colored pants with a simple grey top. So that the the colors both fit together. The pants and the top make this look soft and sweet. I adore the little knot at the end of the top! It makes it more playful and gives it something extra. the boots are so cool and as a woman, you need to have some boots in your wardrobe for this upcoming season. I prefer to have black ones, because they make every outfit complete. And I think that brown ones don’t look that good on me.

The Denim Jacket. Who hasn’t one these days? You see them everywhere and I adore them! I love especially the patched ones or the ones that are a little bit distracted. But this one with red roses stole my heart. It is perfect for this sweet outfit.

To give the outfit a final touch you can at this sunnies. I love leopard sunglasses a lot and since I do not have one yet… I know what I am going to do today!

Have a fab sunday!


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