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Every time it makes me so happy to start, design and edit a new post for you. I realize that starting a blog is not only to make ‘posts’ but it is so much more. You can show who you are, your personal style, your interests, you can make your own content and  do what ever you want with it! It makes me happy and satisfied to read your comments on my social media and my website. I can’t wait to show you more every week!

But for now lets move on to this outfit post on this sunny Friday!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

In this post you can see a lot of earth tones, which I like some times. I am wearing my new headphone around my neck as an accessory, some basic jewelry around my arms and my simple watch from Liv Watches. My top is from Primark, I made a knot in it so that it is more a crop top than a long tank top that it exactly is. My green jacket is perfect for fall, because it protects me when it rains and it is not to thick when the sun is out and it is still warm outside.

With my new jacket, this outfit and my sneakers I am totally ready for fall. The only problem is that the summer finally started in the Netherlands and that it is still 30 degrees in the Netherlands.. My school started this week, I am studying Marketing (second year), there is nothing wrong with my motivation for this year, but it is just the weather. I can’t concentrate. All I wanna do is go outside! Do you guys feel the same way? When the weather is great you just can’t sit still or focus. I love the weather tho…

I wish you all an amazing weekend.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


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16 thoughts on “Outfit | History

  1. Hey sweetie! I totally feel you with the hot weather and not being able to concentrate! We also have quite hot weather at the moment. This weather is sooo ironic, right? Anyway, I totally love this look on you, hun! It is super stylish and has a touch of rock ‘n’ roll! You simply look gorgeous with it! Have an awesome sunday you beautiful thing!! xoxo


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