Outfit | Fav Skirt

Do you also realize sometimes, you have changed so much in just a few months that you need to take a look at yourself again. What did you achieve? Who have you become? Are you happy? Happiness is one of the most important things, if you ask me. You can find it everywhere. But to find pure happiness, you need to have peace with yourself and accept yourself. If you can do that, your halfway there.

This has nothing to do with this outfit post, but I had to write things down. I would like to show so more about me in my blog. Not only my style, but also my personalty, experiences and dreams.

2016-10-02 01.09.52 1.jpg

Fall is already here and this year I really needed to clean up my closet. I had a lot of old items from last year that I can’t wear anymore. My styled changed and some other items are to small. I bought this new skirt at Pull and Bear who is perfect for this kind of season. I love to combine it with my white sneakers and a simple grey top.

Do you like to wear skirts for Fall?

xo Esmée



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