New In | Fall Boots

How can it be so cold, all of a sudden. I am not ready for winter yet, Fall just started. Or is this just me? This new school year go’s so fast. I recognize that I am changing, not only my style is, also my personality and my thoughts. This school year is going to bring so much new adventures and there is still so much to learn! I think I never mentioned it on my blog before, but I study Commercial Economics; Marketing. I am in my second year right now. These two pare of boots are perfect for school presentations or meetings. Last weekend I want to Amsterdam for a meeting and I couldn’t choose between these Leopard booties or pink velvet ones.

20161023-526682793 (2).jpg

Velvet is everywhere, and you love it or you hate it. These velvet boots are from a really soft material and sooo cute. The leopard ones are cooler and more edgy. When I was at the shop Sacha  in Amsterdam, I couldn’t choose between these two pares. I had to take both. In the summer I am a real sneaker addict, but when it becomes colder and the nights get shorter I love to wear ankle boots.

What do you guys think about the Velvet Trend?


xo Esmée

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