Outfit | Black Boots

November has just started and winter is coming soon. I can’t believe how fast the time is passing by. This week was hectic and emotional. During the stress for my exams (my first exam week will start Monday), my grandpa passed away unexpectedly. I didn’t had the energy to write a post or for shooting an outfit. That is why there werent’ any post for a long time. I don’t want to say a lot about it, but I hope you understand.

After this all being sad, let’s move on to the post!

I am obsessed with over the knee boots. They are soft and stylish. Also, they keep your cold feed warm in winter season! These ones are from a shop called Bleep. It is a small clothing shop in Zaandam. I was looking for a pare of knee boots, but all the ones I tried on where to big around my legs.I was so happy when I found these ones, they fit perfectly! With my long fall coat and blue sweater from H&M I feel like I can handle everything. Life is challenging sometimes and during hard periods or stress I’d like to put a lot of energy in choosing my outfits. This makes me feel stronger and more confident. In those periods, when you have several emotional breakdowns, it is really important to take care of yourself. Get up, go out and get dressed. That is how you will move forward, even when you don’t feel like it.

20161105-54207096dsc02693Our sociaty expects from us that we can do everything. But somethimes it is all to much. When you loose someone thas was really important to you, your life falls apart. I now you have to keep going, but it takes time. You loved that person, you have memories together. There are days that you are mad and scared, on other days you feel stronger and you want to move on to show that person that you can. But right now, I don’t know what to do. I try to be positive, thinking about all the lovely memories we have. That is the most important thing: remember someone. Don’t forget them.

dsc02680I am sorry, I didn’t want to make this post to sad. But writing a blog, is like writing in a diary. I also feel like I can say everything to you. You always give me positive feedback and lovely comments. That makes me so happy.

What do you guys do when you are in a hard time?

Outfit details


xo Esmée

2 thoughts on “Outfit | Black Boots

  1. Aww…meid wat erg voor je!! Gecondoleerd! *hugg* natuurlijk begrijpen we dat. Heel veel sterkte gewenst. En je outfit is weer prachtig, ik ben echt jaloers op je laarzen! -x-


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