How I deal with Stress ( Or not )

Stress. I have to say: I am that person that stresses out about everything. During my study time I learnt to kind of manage this, to prevent a mental breakdown. In times when my workload is the heaviest, I try to sit back and do all the work step by step. My exam weeks are over and now I want to share with you how I deal with stress. 

First: let’s talk about where the stress is exactly coming from. I did some research and found out that it is not just one reason that stresses you out, but several causes. Most of the time, it is a heap of several problems in your life. You can have, for example, stress from mental issues within or from unhappiness in your work. Of course, your stress level depends on who you are. There are people that are really sensitive for stress and others just aren’t. Lucky you!

I think that stress is something you can handle, if you deal with it in the ‘right way’ It is very important to write stuff done, I do this all the time. It helps you to get a clear oversight over everything that still has to be done. Sometimes, I also like to write down my feelings. You can see this back in my blog. When I stress a lot I try to sleep and sport as much as possible. This helps me to stay energetic. I fitness around 3 times a week. When I don’t work out this much, I recognized that it became harder to sleep in periods during stress. Your mind can be so active over night…

When I am really stressed out, for example when I have two weeks of exams. My head is a big chaos. Last week I was dealing with personal stuff and six exams. And then I just can’t handle my stress level anymore. My mind takes over and I had more negative thoughts. But to keep staying positive in days like this, I have some tips for you. They worked for me, I hope they do for you also!

Get enough sleep.

Talk about it.

Make lists

Try to have fun in your work, use colors, different letter types and pictures.

Do everything step by step

Don’t look to much to the time

Most important: Keep going!

Listen to a lot of music

When your to over stressed, do nothing for one day. Take your rest when you need it!

3 thoughts on “How I deal with Stress ( Or not )

  1. Dear Esmee, what a great blog post!
    Stress is unfortunately a problem that almost everyone of us is dealing with – some of us better, the other ones not so good.
    I totally agree with you on your tips on how to deal with stress. Lists are something I couldn’t live without 😀 Fitness is also very important, but the most important thing to me is, which many people are not doing, ist taking a day off. This means so much and helps so much! Unfortunately I’ve learned it the hard way and made the mistake that I never took a day off until I totally collapsed 😦 Now I know that I have to take a break as soon as I feel too stressed out.

    XX Sara from The Cosmopolitas

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