Outfit | Ripped Mom Jeans

Hi Guys, long time no see. My first school semester was so hectic that my mind was everywhere. ( For you who don’t know what I study: Marketing, it is! Or you can call it commercial economics ). Last weekend I went to a little place called: Drunen in North- Brabant. I went there to meet a lot of students from other studies, it was organized by a special student program. It was so much fun, we are going to follow weekly lessons together about everything in life. Such as your identity and welfare. These lessons give me so much new inspiration and of course new friends. I am so excited for this year!

Today I wanted to share with you my new ripped Mom jeans from one of my favorite shops: Pull and Bear. I wore it to several business meetings already, in combination with my fall coat. My velvet booties are from Sacha and I am obsessed with them. Maybe you saw them already on my instagram? The white blouse gives the look a classic vibe, while the jeans is there to rock! Personally, I love to combine these elements. What do you think?


 xo Esmée

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