5 Tips To Reinvent Your look

Sometimes you feel inspired, you feel like you need a change. I had this at the beginning of my second school year at the university. (HBO). I’ve grown up, but my style wasn’t. My blog exist almost for a year now and you can see how I slowly changed. Today I will give you 5 tips to Reinvent your look. If you reinvent yourself, it doesn’t mean that you have to go totally different. You can always stay close to what you like and what you want! That is the most important thing. These tips are based on my experience and what I saw by other people.

Try something totally different

The first step I did was looking a lot on my Instagram feed. What did I like about other people? What did I thought of there looks? Most of the time I take screenshots of pictures that inspire me or from stuff that I would like to have. I combined all these screenshots on my Pinterest and selected them by style and colors. Classy, minimal and soft colors were the elements that I saw more and more. For the first time I tried to combine a white thee and a flared pants. A combination I wouldn’t wear before. It was totally different, but I liked the result! I was all into sneakers this summer, but now I switched them in a couple pair of high ankle boots. If you try something, even when it is just something small, it will immediately change you and your looks.

Give your hair a full Makeover

Every girl needs this ones in their life. It gives you so much new energy and you can play with the colors of your clothing. Suddenly, everything looks different on you and it gives you such a power boost. When I was 16 I dyed my hair in all kind of colors. From pink to black. Then I stopped for three years and now I am back at it! I love what a new haircut or dye does to you. Discuss with your hairdresser which color suits you, because now I would never go to black again. It makes me look pale in combination with my light skin tone.

Take a critical look at your wardrobe

Personally, I do this every season. Or when I think that my closet is such a mess. I trow away items that I don’t like anymore. Or the items that I didn’t wore. It makes room for new, fresh clothes. But now you can also take a look at your style. What did you wear the most? Very often you can see that you are wearing the same colors or patterns. Try to use this information when you are shopping. So that you don’t buy stuff anymore that you are not going to wear. If you don’t really know what your style exactly is, take a look at other people. Don’t copy there style, but get some inspiration from them. Maybe your closet will be changed in seconds.

Work on You!

How you look is not only the outside, but there are also things working down there on the inside. They effect how people see you and how you act in public. It is very important to be happy with yourself, even when you don’t really know who you are and what your style is. Everyone is searching. Just be confident. If you are walking around, talking to people, giving your opinion and smile it makes you look like you can handle everything. Maybe it is true, but you don’t have to share your feelings with everyone. Also think positive, you can do this! Support yourself and threat yourself right. If you choose for yourself, people will more respect you. Try to eat healthy and take your rest when you need it. You will look amazing.

Take that tattoo or piercing you’ve always wanted

Well this is a tip, that is on my mind for a long time. I am talking about getting a tattoo for 3 months now and I still haven’t done it. I guess I am to scared. But If you take the step, you feel amazing. It changes your look. You will maybe buy other kind of clothes so that you can see it, if it is not on a place where there isn’t any clothing. I think you just have to plan this and do it. No excuses.

I hope you kind find yourself in these tips, try something new today and see where you ended tomorrow.



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