My Goals For 2017

Setting goals for a new year is the best way to start. Today it is January 1st and I am looking back at a hell of a rollercoaster. 2016 was a year full of adventures, mental breakdowns and to- do lists. When I am looking at myself now, I see a totally different person. One thing, that changed me, is starting my blog. Through my blog I saw so much new opportunities and I met some amazing new people. In 2016 I was really looking at myself: What did I want in life? How was my mindset? I wanted to have piece, piece with myself. Now I can say, I found it. By listening to myself and to my body. For some of you, who don’t know. My body was sick for 2,5 years. In 2016 I felt better than ever before. It is so important to take good care of yourself. And to look really close at what you want. I hope that I can reach this even more in 2017. Of course, this is not my only goal for this new year. Cuz I want to achieve so much more. I think that writing down your goals gives you motivation and keeps you close to yourself.

My goals for 2017

Getting my first year Certificate in Marketing
I am halfway my second year on the study Marketing/ Commercial Economics. Unfortunately I still have to pass some exams from my first study year. These exams are in February. My goal is to pass them, so that I can get my Certificate in September!

Growing a strong body
This has so much to do with your mindset and persistence. I fitness for two years now and I love it. It changed my body so much already. But this new year I want to take it to a whole other level. I want to lift those weights that I am scared off. Going even heavier. Maybe I am going to write a post about that, about my fitness – routine. Would you like to read it? However. A healthy body gives you energy and makes you feel stronger. I really want to continue this in 2017.

Balance and Piece within myself
2016 has brought me far, but in 2017 I need to find more balance. Especially with everything that is coming up. School, Blog, Boyfriend, Fitness, a healthy lifestyle ( including lots of sleep ), my own company and a social life. It was hard to find any balance in 2016, I hope this is going to get better in 2017. If you have a good and strong balance, you will feel better within yourself.

Investing more time in my Blog and Content
My blog and content, a subject where I am still insecure about. I am really hard for myself, it is never good enough. If I could, I would delete everything that I made last year. And start all over again. But I realized, that if you keep going, it will get better. If you take a look at my firsts posts you will see so much difference. My pictures got better and writing my feelings and thoughts down gets easier. However, I am not done yet. I want to make a amazing content for you. That is interesting and inspiring. I have so much ideas, I should made a list of that to!

So, next year I will take a look with you, at my goals again. See what I’ve become and what I’ve learned. For now: I wish you all the best for 2017!

xo Esmee

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