4 Blogs You Need to Follow

‘You can feel inspired everywhere, when you open your mind to the world’.
I get inspiration from interesting people or when I am travelling and visiting new places. I use this inspiration for my blog and for everything around me. There are some bloggers who have a really big impact on me. In this post I am going to show you my 4 favorite blogs that you definitely need to follow. There content is great, strong and inspiring. I love it when blogs are not only about fashion and lifestyle, but also about the person behind the blog. Take a look at these 4 amazing girls to see for yourself.

Olivia & Olga from By Osquare

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By Osquare is in my opinion a unique concept. This blog is about fashion, travel and lifestyle, made by two amazing girls. These bloggers are travelling around the world and show you the coolest hotspots and outfits. You definitely need to take a look at their instagram! I think there style is really cute, they use a lot of soft and sweet colors. Often, when I am looking for new ideas, I take a look at their pictures.  What do you think?

Lilia from Lily-Like


Where should I start? Lilia is a hard working woman from The Netherlands. Here blog and YouTube channel are about fashion, lifestyle and her two studies: Law and Philosophy. Her style is chic and minimal. She motivates me on all kind of levels. Now, I truly believe in the fact that if you work hard, you can reach your goals. This is also here motto behind her blog. Yes, I am a real fan haha. Why you should definitely check here out? Cuz you can learn a lot from her.

Paulien from Polienne

I found Polienne on bloglovin a few days ago. What a pitures! I fell in love with her content. She shows her daily outfits and travel stories. So far, I can’t say much about her, but when I am visiting her blog I feel so inspired. She is from Belgium and runs not only a successful blog, she also works as a copywriter and production assistant in Antwerp. If you want some daily outfit inspo, you should check this girl out.

Kathi from They Call Me Kitten

IMG_9777-2.jpgThis sweet girl is the owner of the last blog I want to share with you: TheyCallMeKitten.com. I ‘met’ Kathi on instagram, I am following her for a while now. Her style can you describe as elegant and sweet. In her content you can see soft colors, combined with black. I don’t know how, but she always chooses amazing backgrounds for her outfit pictures.

Do you have your own favorite blogs? Let me now in the comments, I would love to check them out.

xo Esmee

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