Personal | 2016 My Change in Style

2016, a hectic year for me. On personal levels, I was really trying to find myself this year. Constantly, I was questioning myself: Why am I doing this? How do I act  in special situations? But the biggest one; Am I doing things the right way? I had lots  of emotions, I was like a roller coaster,all over the place. My studies didn’t went  that well as I wanted, because I just couldn’t focus. I am open with you:  I had to much personal stress. But when you take a look back at myself, I changed a lot. In this year another me came up, I had so much more dreams then every before. I felt like I wanted to make something of my life, but this, as a perfectionist, gave me a lot of pressure. Sometimes you want to much, but you have to realize,  you can’t do it all at ones. In this upcoming year I want to focus more on my goals (you can read them here) and on what’s important, for me.

Well, with this being set, let’s move on to what this post is
actually about. 2016 changed me and you can see this back in my style.
Here is a collage with my outfit pictures, from January until the Summer of 2016. Do you see the difference?


The first picture was from one of my very first blog posts ever. I didn’t know how to pose haha, well nowadays this is often still a problem. But on these first pictures I didn’t had a clue about what I was doing.  The picture in the middle, in my parents bedroom, was used for my Instagram page.  I still like it! The last picture was made in the summer of 2016. You can see here that I was trying to find ‘my style’. Trying to follow all the trends didn’t  made me happy, so I started collecting images from different styles and outfits. That helped me out a lot. Than, in Fall 2016, I removed all my old clothes and started again. With a whole new closet.



 These last pictures are looking similar to each other. Step by step I am getting closer and better to what I exactly want to show you. Your own style is unique, but sometimes hard to find. When you are growing older, you keep changing. You style is changing with you. I am thinking about making this post again next year, to see what I’ve become.

Have you also experience a style change?

xo Esmée

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