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This blog is now almost one year old, I started it last year in January. I didn’t had readers or  a website. I just only had the creative ideas. Last week I realized that I never introduced myself to you. My amount of followers and readers increased a lot the couple of months. ( Thank you all and welcome ❤ ) I am so happy every time I read your comments. I am getting lots of questions about me, so why not answer all of them in one post?

So, let’s start with my name; Rodrigo. This name is actually the name of my grand mother. She is from Spain. I think that the combination of Esmée and Rodrigo sounds beautiful. I knew I wanted to use my own name Esmée in my blog title and so it came up to this. I have no regrets. Some of my followers are from Spain, but you guys have to now: I can’t speak Spanish unfortunately.

I am a 21 year old marketing student in The Netherlands and I am living on my own since 2015. There for I grew up with my both of my parents. I am not a average girl, a lot of times in my life people have told me that I am ‘different’. This was hard to hear when you are 14, but now I only embrace it. It makes me proud. There are a few things in my life that are really important to me: creativity, love and ambition. My head can be a thunderstorm, full of ideas, self-made movies and visions, this is where my creativity is coming from. You can put Love in front of other words. I love writing, dancing, going out, lifting (fitness), people, horses, taking photo’s, the online world and being creative. I do everything with passion and I try it all to do as good as I can. Since I started my marketing studies and blog, which I love, my ambition to have a own company grow a lot. (It was still a surprise, but I am actually starting one right now. You will here more about that soon.) You need to have ambition to follow your dreams. That is why ambition is important to me.

So now you know a little bit more about me. If you still have questions, feel free to write me!

xo Esmée

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