New In | BLUX Beauty Box

Writing this blog gives me so much opportunities lately although I am still in a long learning process. One that never ends. The online world is improving all the time and as a fashion blogger, you have to keep up with that. That is what makes blogging and creating online content so interesting.

This week I received a special box, from Blux Blox Com. They deliver every month a new box of 5 different beauty products. In this way you can try out new brands and products to add them to your daily routine! I am going to talk you true this process and show you the products that I got. There is lots of variation, from face-masks till eye-shadows.

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Let’s start with the first product: the lipgloss. Personally, I am not really into this kind of colors. I prefer to wear red or brown, because then my lips look a little bit bigger. What amazed me, was that the lipgloss felt so soft on my lips. It also did stay pretty long, I had it on for around five ours. So, happy me. The package was simple, but cute. What do you think about this color?

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 Now, let’s move on to the eye shadow. This Mineral Eye shadow is from the brand: Cougar Beauty and I think the package is so chic. It is made from the most natural minerals, so it is perfect for sensitive eyes. It also doesn’t has any aromatic substance or talc. The color is amazing and the eye shadow is sparkly. I am obsessed. It is perfect to apply into the crease of your eye to give your eyes some dept.



In the Beauty Box also came a Face Mask from La Theorie des Volcans, a France brand. They are inspired by the power of vulcanizes. You can definitely feel this bag in this face mask. The substance is hard and effective. It removes all your dead skin cells. You only have to use it ones or twice a week, because it is a heavy product. My scan is really clearing up after using this product. I definitely have a problematic skin, so this gave my skin some rest.


Then, I could also try out a shampoo from Huygens. My scalp is really sensitive, so when I opened this product I was excited. It is full of natural ingredients, such as flower water. It also doesn’t contains any sugar, so it won’t foam. The shampoo clears up your hair and makes it feel extremely soft. There is only one thing, I think the package is boring and not attractive. This shampoo deserves a stunning one, such as the product is.

Last but not least, the OOH! Oils of heaven natural moringa anti-oxidant face oil. Wow, well the name says everything. I use this oil now everyday and it gives my scan some great results. It is perfect to use as a moisturizer or as a base underneath your makeup. It contains of vitamins A and C. I am so happy to see that almost all of the products are from natural ingredients. That is definitely a must for my body. What do you guys think about this cute, natural products?

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