3 Tips To Create Your Insta-Feed

A blogger can’t life without her perfect insta-feed. But how can you design your feed and make it your own?  Today I have 3 tips for you, to make a minimal matching feed on instagram. These where relevant for me and they helped me out. But it still took me a year to find out how I wanted my feed to be. Your style can change all the time, so can your feed. But that is not why your here, you want to create that stunning matching feed. For every outfit and every detailing.

First: choose one filter that suits you. I like to use a filter from the app VSCO cam: C3. It makes the colors in your pictures look brighter, which I love. Your feed is representing you. But if you like a black and white theme for example you should totally do that. This is what I love about Instagram, you can totally make it your own. It can take some time, it is still a learning process for me. But we will come there.


Next: Write down the colors you would like to see and use in your feed. I like to combine pink, blue and white tones. You can see them in my daily style, clothing and essentials. Sometimes I add a bit of black, this makes my feed look more classy. Now you have the same filter and colors, let’s move on to another important element: the Background. Well guys, if there is one thing I’ve learnt this year, it is that backgrounds are the most important thing! Especially when you are shooting outfits. I have three favorite backgrounds: amazing houses and clean buildings, a marble background and a simple fluffy white one for my flatlays. I try to stick to them every time I am making pictures for my blog.


Of course there are lots of other tips that can help you by creating your own, personal Instagram feed. These ones worked the best for me. I hope that these tips will help you. Please leave your instagram username below, so we can connect! ❤

xo Esmée

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