My All Time Favorite Boots

You need them all the time. They can make your outfit look bomb. They are that one fashion essential that you can’t miss in your wardrobe: ankle boots. I am a huge fan of these kind of shoes. They look classy, elegant and stylish and you can combine them with every outfit. Today I want to show you my favorite pairs, including some style tips. In this way you can easily style them yourself.

Let’s start with these little leopard ones, aren’t they cute? I got them around August last year, together with the velvet ones. You have probably seen them in all my Instagram pictures already. Every time I wear these babies I feel like I can handle the world.You can style them in different ways, because of their unique texture. I prefer to wear them together with a mom jeans or my black velvet pants. This is because I like over the knee boots better with a dress or a short skirt. If you really want to get into that leopard vibe you can add a leopard coat as well, I do this all the time.


 Oh, my metallic ones. What can I say. They are perfect for parties, events or when you just want to look bomb for a day. I love to style them with fishnets or a high waisted black skirt. You will feel amazing. The leather has a strong quality and your feed will shine all day. My style tips for these ones: wear a skirt or dress, a crazy pair of leggings and your ready to go. DSC05008.JPG

The velvet trend was coming up this season. My closet exploded, god I was so in love with this trend. Well, my last pair of booties needed to be velvet ones. So here they are. I wear them daily, with my long trench coat. I got a lot of compliments from people when I am walking on them.


What do you think about my collection?

xo Esmée

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