DYE: The Perfect Flatlay


You can’t be a fashion blogger, if your flat-lays aren’t on point. I now the struggle: you have this amazing idea, but it never turns out the way you want it to be. My flat- lays from a year ago where horrible. Now I can’t life without them, just as my Instagram feed. Today I want to share with you my tips and dyes to create your own perfect flat-lay.



Only use colors in your flat- lay who are matching your feed. My feed consists of pink, blue, black and white. When I am making a flat-lay, I always try to only add stuff with those four colors.
Use the same backgrounds. (A little background dye is down below!) I always stick to fur, marble and a clean white background. Before I am going to take pictures, I always take a look at my feed first. In this way you won’t be using the same background over and over again.
Lay down lots of stuff! Change items if they don’t match with each other or when they are not relevant for the picture.
Take your time, be patient. I always take around 50 pictures, before I have the perfect one.
Add some little lights! Personally, I love this. It creates some shadow and dept into your photo.
The last tip that I have for you is: Learn from others. Search for other bloggers on Instagram, take a closer look to their pictures. What do they use in their flat-lays? This helped me out a lot.



Now, let’s move on to the: Marble Background Dye.
What you need for this dye: a piece of cardboard and a marble sticker roll. Just easily paste the sticker on the cardboard and wala you have your own marble background! (The marble roll is from bol.com)


And this is how it looks on your pictures:


I hope these tips will help you out and have fun with the dye!

XO esmee

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