Diary | Life Update: Choices/Growing Up

I wanted to share something personal today. This blog is not only about fashion, but it is about my life. Like a Diary. You guys know that last year hasn’t been easy for me and I saw 2017 as a fresh start. So I picked up my school work, made new friends, wrote blog posts again and I traveled on my own. I also started a extra school program at school: Honours College, which brought me so much new energy. My motivation was everywhere, but (here it comes): I couldn’t focus. It became to much. I realized that you can’t do everything at once. For me, this is now hard to accept. Because I love it all so much.

To help me focus again I decided for myself that I am the only one who can change this. You had such big dreams, You wanted to do everything, You felt so inspired and strong. 
This makes me think so differently about my situation. Although it is a lot, I still want to try again and handle all the stuff I have to do. They all tell you when you believe in something, you will come there. So I guess that is the only answer. Therefore, I would feel so disappointed about myself if I would stop doing all these things. I don’t think that ending is the solution.

How do you guys deal with this? I am thinking about a weekly update. It feels so good to write this to you.

xo Esmee

3 thoughts on “Diary | Life Update: Choices/Growing Up

  1. Hi lieverd! opgeven wat je leuk vind om te doen is zeker niet de oplossing! ik heb ook zo een periode gehad en wel het bloggen opgegeven… Na een paar maanden heb ik het weer opgepakt omdat ik het te erg miste. ik denk dat plannen erg belangrijk is! en inderdaad: als je echt iets wilt kan je het bereiken! het komt echt goed schat! you can do it! en jaaaa vaker dit soort posts! xoxo

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  2. Wat goed dat je dit met ons deelt. Het is goed dat je veel doelen voor ogen hebt, maar ik snap dat het soms te veel voor je kan worden. Ik hoop dat je de juiste balans weet te vinden. Zet m op lieverd! X


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