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Although I am writing to a small group, it feels great to hear that you guys like my diary stories. Since I am studying Marketing, I realized today that I hardly make time for my creative mind. Of course, working your blog and content has creative aspects, but with creative in this way I mean: doing something with your hands. Drawing and writing, like you used to do when you where in high school for example. Or that time when I opened every fashion-magazine to cut out the styles or clothes that inspired me. Now you just open Instagram and Pinterest where you can literally find everything. Am I the only one that misses buying magazines? To slowly read every page, full of interest? Blogging is like the same, but then online. (New idea: Your blog as a magazine!) But, to focus on this topic, I started to use my hands more. This weekend I am going to pimp up my bike, with floral prints, bright colors and lots of painting. I am so excited! It feels so good to be doing things like that again. You will see a picture of the result on my Instagram!


Being creative is not something you can control, it comes with time. When you feel mentally relaxed and fine it is more likely to come up with new ideas. It is important to have a clear mind, so that you have space to create. You can clear your mind in several ways. It helps me a lot to sing old songs from bands that I used to love. ( I am going to Linkin Park in concert btw, soooo excited! ) Or working out. And one important rule: don’t be hard on yourself. Just create what you love and what you think it is worth it!


XO Esmée

  • I found these pictures on pinterest and edit them myself. Expect for the first picture, a friend of mine took that of me in London.

3 thoughts on “Diary | Creative Mind

  1. Awhh ik snap je helemaal! Ik koop elke maand magazines omdat die mij nog altijd het meest inspireren. En ook daarom heb ik mijn blog meer als magazine gemaakt. Meer in die style met afbeeldingen, tekst, quotes en opvallende titels. Ik hou van de magazine feeling! Zo toevallig dit! En wat zijn die aanbiedingen gaaf geworden! Ben benieuwd naar je fiets. Hihi. Xoxo

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