Diary | Let’s talk about love

Love, when you are young, you believe that it is something magical. Something you would life and die for. Of course, having feelings for someone, is a magical feeling. It go’s deeply, right from your heart. But let’s keep things real: love is also a process. A process that can break you. When you are in love, you are weak and sensitive. Maybe you are suddenly insecure about yourself: are you even good enough to be with this other person?

I think that being in love can change people, as it changed me. I also see this by my friends. This doesn’t have to be in a negative way, it brings also a lot of positive things into your life. You found a best friend, a soulmate. Someone that inspires you, who motivates you. Since I am in a relationship, for two years now, I recognized myself that I am sharing everything with him. From my daily breakfast till a car accident that happened in front of me on my way to school. Being in love or in a relationship makes you sometimes forget about yourself. It is so important to step back ones in a while, to take some time off and work on you.

How you feel about someone or about love is different for everyone. I wanted to describe my vision on love a little bit in this post, but I feel like it turned out to be all over the place. The most important thing is that you are happy, that the person you love makes you feel strong and good about yourself. Supporting each other is one of the things that you can’t miss in your relationship. So think about that.

Are you in a relationship?

xo Esmee

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2 thoughts on “Diary | Let’s talk about love

  1. Hi lieverd. Wat een mooie post! De liefde is eigenlijk de grootste uitdaging van het leven vind ik. Het zal je altijd weer opnieuw blijven uittesten! Maar dat maakt die liefde ook juist weer heel erg mooi en spannend. Het zou pas saai zijn als elke dag met iemand hetzelfde is, toch? Liefde is een lange weg met veel obstakels en een weg waarbij je je constant moet aanpassen en luisteren naar je hart! De liefde zal je altijd weer opnieuw op de proef stellen. Maar wat ik echt heb geleerd is te luisteren naar je gevoel en naar je hart! Want die vertellen eigenlijk de waarheid! De zoektocht naar liefde duurt denk ik je hele leven. Of dat nou met dezelfde persoon is of niet. Love you girliee! See you soon!

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