To Die For: Autumn Fashion

Maybe you haven’t thing of it yet.. but Autumn is just around the corner. Lately I was searching around Instagram to find some fashion inspiration for the upcoming season. Last year I had a hard time finding my style and this time I want to be totally up to date. My list with items is long and today I wanted to share everything with you! To start I found some basics, you can find all the items on the website from Esprit. I used some inspirational pictures from Pinterest and Instagram to find the pieces. The items on the Esprit Website are similar to the items on the pictures!

* During my research I saw a lot of Denim styles. You can style a denim jacket together with a grey sweater or black top. It would be perfect for autumn! You can shop your denim jacket here: Esprit Denim Jacket.


  • The second Item that you can find on my list are: biker boots. They are perfect for autumn! I own a pair of white boots now, so I can’t wait to get my black ones also.  They are perfect for this season and they keep your feet warm! Last year I made a post about an outfit like this, for inspiration. HERE<3 You can shop them here: Biker Boots


While I am writing this I realize that I can’t wait for this cold time to begin, although I am a summer lover by heart. But seeing all these amazing styles makes me so happy. So let’s move on to the next item: The striped sweater. During autumn I usually where black or grey, but this year you are also going to see a lot of colors. I love it! Stripes are hot. You can find similar items here: Esprit Striped Sweater


What do you think about these items?

xo Esmée

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