A Fresh and Clean Face with Bioré

Every morning, I like to start my day with a fresh and clean face. My morning routine starts around 8, when I just wake up. Usually I don’t have to go to school right away, because most of my lessons start around 12 o’clock. So I have plenty of time to take care of myself. Lately I found out about Bioré , a skincare brand that has just launched there products in the Netherlands. ( For my Dutchies: you can buy the full product line at Etos & Kruidvat ) These products are perfect to clean your face and start the day! For me it is important to take care about my skin. I am struggling with redness and pimples. These products are especially made and developed for your pores. First, you have to wash your face with warm water and clean hands. I’d like to this underneath the shower. (I always shower in the mornings) Gently wash your face with a little bit of the product, and your done! It also removes my eye and face make up. Afterwards my skin feels soft, warm and clean. I was really surprised, I didn’t think the results where so good.  It takes me around 5 minutes. So that is perfect.

Below you can find two different products from Bioré. One is for your pores, it is a face scrub. I love to use this one first. Then, to be sure I removed everything, I use the soda. This powder works together with a little bit of water. It removes your old and dead skin cells. That explains why my face gets so soft afterwards. I love it! Both of the products consist of baking soda, charcoal and free from oils. You can find the whole product line here: Bioré. The line consist of face mask, strips and several types of cleaners.

Price Cleanser with Soda: € 6,74
Price Scrub € 8,24

If you want to know more about Bioré or my experience you can always send me a message. Have a lovely start of your day,

xo Esmée


~~ In collaboration with @Bioré and @MooiPR



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