Sunday Morning ♡


Sundays is the most important day of the week (for me),  it is the perfect day to relax and to get some extra sleep. After a day like this I feel like new. Very often my boyfriend and I are going to watch some series, grab some lunch or we love to spend some time buying all kind of things we don’t actually need.  At the moment we are watching Arrow, we are seriously obsessed with it! Right now it is half past 12 in the night and there are some things in my mind, that I want to share with you.



Last week I was interviewed by a friend for the local newspaper. We talked a little bit about blogging, my photo’s, personal style and my dreams for the future. She also asked me what I thought of the blogging world. And that is what I want to share with you tonight. Because I think it can help you in some way. Lately there is a lot going on in our ”community’. Not only fake accounts on social media, but also the fact that people are buying likes or followers for Instagram to get into this perfect looking world. I told my interviewer that I always tell myself: Instagram is an online world, the amount of likes doesn’t define who you are or how ‘popular’ you are. Don’t get me wrong: I love to connect with my followers, people and friends on social media and because of Instagram I met so many amazing girls with the same interests as me! But, it feels so fake sometimes. Sharing only the ‘happy pictures’ the ‘perfect moments’ and the ‘perfect coffee’. At some moments Instagram can make me feel insecure about myself, my photo’s or my creativity. Because an other girl will always look better… At these moments I think back about the fact that this other girl also has her bad days, bad hair mornings or hard moments in her life. The blogging world is so amazing and supportive, but also hard and full of jealousy. Let’s love each other more and appreciate what you have. You have come far, and you will rise, if you only just believe in it  ♡




    • esmeerodrigo
      November 23, 2017 / 21:42

      Thank you Julie!

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