How to avoid a winter ‘depression’


Winter is arriving, and we can’t stop it. November is ending in a few days and there is no holding back. Although December is the month of joy, celebration and family. It is also the month with the darkest and coldest days. Where the sun shows her light only for a few hours. Oh, this sounds depressing already! How are you going to avoid that winter ‘depression’? Years ago I was dealing with this myself, but I found a way to let go of it. Even, these days I am the most inspired now! Today I want to share with you a list of tips to avoid negative thoughts and I will give you some help with getting enough sunshine.

All the positive, will come. In time.


  • Wake up early – Waking up early is the number one tip that needs to be on this list. You can have so many benefits from getting out of bed when it is freezing cold. How about looking at the sun who comes up? When you are enjoying a delicious healthy breakfast. It always makes me happy when I make my self a good breakfast. After you feel more energized and it was the first step to take care of your body. Without a good breakfast, it is harder to concentrate on your work/school that day.
  • Burn down a hundred candles – This is what I love about winter! You can light your room yourself. Invest in some pretty candles, who smell like heaven and your room will feel immediately more cozy and warm. Or hang some little lights around the house. Just as the ones you use for your Christmas decoration. My room is full of little lights, and when I turn them on in the evening I feel so happy. Winter is not that bad, bring the light yourself.
  • Go out! – Since there is not many sun light this season, force yourself to get out of the house everyday. Even if it is just for grocery shopping. Take a walk, look around and smell the fresh air. Avoid your bicycle, just use your feed to explore the city. This calms me down and brings me back to earth. Still feeling a little down? Visit the nature, it can’t be far away. Take a walk in a pretty forest, take some photo’s. Nature changes every season and the colors from fall and winter are amazing to watch. Sometimes nature is even closer then you think, a simple park can do wonders.
  • Exercise – A new season is perfect to change and develop your work out routine. During winter you may have other goals to reach, then you had during summer time. To avoid a ‘why should I still go to the gym’ mood, try out something new! Take that dance class you have always wanted or go together with a friend. It will clear up your mind. Personally, I feel so much better since a work out 3 times a week. I am more confident with my body and I feel so much stronger.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs – Music, is the one of the most important things in my life. It can make me happy and it can change my mood a hundred times per day. When I sit at home, in a dark room with little lights, I love to listen to my favorite songs. It makes me feel calm. It also helps if you don’t feel happy, music helps to get it all out. Just cry and let it go.


Although these tips are very common, don’t underestimate them. They can definitely make a change. I hope you can use them and add them to your daily routine! It will make such a difference! I believe. ♥

XO Esmée


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