5 Reasons Why me-time is important + Tips


It is almost Christmas and that means not only the most magical time of the year, but also the most stressful one. You work hard to get everything done before the end of the year. The pressure at work is high, it can be so busy! At moments like that it is really important to take some time off. Even if you don’t feel like you having time for it. Me-time for me means: taking a hot bath, together with my favorite music and a roman. In this blogpost I wanted to write something about this subject , because I know how much it can mean to me. When I feel tired, unmotivated or stressed I definitely need an evening off. Below you can find a list with all my tips and plans to give yourself some extra time to relax.


  • If you plan and make time for yourself, it can suggest that you value and respect yourself. If you are out everyday, meeting your friends, visiting school or going out it may have a negative effect on you. Sometimes you just have to reload your body and mind. When you take some time for yourself, you will become closer to yourself. And after you are fully energized and ready to go out again.
  • When you are on your own, doing things for yourself you will learn to just be comfortable and enjoying your own company. Do you feel like doing things on your own are boring? Just try it out a few times en you will definitely feel better about this. You also learn exactly when your body needs a me-time moment again. Even when you are into a relationship, it is important to do something on your own sometimes.
  • Another important aspect of taking some time off is the fact that you will sleep and feel better. If you never give your mind some rest, it will be harder for you to sleep and process emotions or experiences es. So when you finally get into bed, still reading emails on your phone, your mind will be to active and busy to fall a sleep soon after you’ve put your phone away. So try to have a hour or more me-time on that day. You can also go for a quick workout, it will clear your mind so you can fall better a sleep at night.
  • Whenever I had a moment for myself I always feel inspired, motivated and happy again. My work results are even higher, because my mind has space for new information.
  • Last but not least: During me-time you learn to let things go. Maybe you had something on your mind that made you insecure or unhappy. You will more easily forget about these things because you accept and respect yourself.


Why me-time is important: Tips & Tricks

  • Plan your me-time at least ones a week. It doesn’t have to be a whole day, a few hours can be just enough for you. Try to feel what your body needs.
  • Find something you like to do on your own. Like taking a hot bath or reading a magazine. I have times when I really enjoy this. But it can also be that you like to go and take a walk in a beautiful park. It is up to you.
  • Listen to music that makes you feeling relax and comfortable.
  • Remember: it is your time, do what feels right and good for you.

So, If you feel overworked, tired and just not in the right place. Try to use some of these tips and create your own personal environment. Take care of yourself, just a little bit more ♡
XO Esmée





  1. December 11, 2017 / 15:31

    Great tips, I absolutely loved reading this! Definitely need to plan more me-time 😉

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