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Hi Loves,
How are you doing? Today I wanted to talk with you about something that is going on lately. Since December I completely stopped eating meat. You probably heard from so many people that they started to eat vegan or vegetarian. It is a ‘hot’ topic lately. Girls on Instagram who show that they are eating meat, are getting angry comments from there followers. And suddenly everyone is trying to make the best vegan meals. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this! I love to see that the world is more aware of what they are consuming. It is a way for us to connect more with our earth. Today I will talk more about why and how I stopped eating meat, not to convince you to do to, but to make you more aware of what is going on in our world of ‘meat’.

How it all started, back in 2013 

So, I have been dieting for almost 4 years now. It all started when I got really sick after my holiday in Greece, in 2013. My mom and I both got sick, very sick. It happened over night, which was so scary! My mom got so sick that we had to call an ambulance. Luckily the doctor came really fast and my mom felt so much better the next morning. Except for me, it took me 2,5 years to recover. After a couple of months we found out that the food in a restaurant, where we had eaten the day before, wasn’t that good as we thought. It contain a particular bacteria, that stayed inside my body for 2 years. When I got home I consistently felt sick in my belly, there where days when I only trow up and days where I had consistently pain. On doctors advise I started to follow a diet, together with medicines and antibiotic. After 2 years, the bacteria finally got out of my body, the diet helped me so much with fighting this gruel that I wanted to continue doing this. I felt so much better, had way more energy and school went so well. I was so aware of my body, my health and I felt everything so strong. I never thought that a thing like this would happen, but it made me where I am now.

So, my diet continued. I only ate: white rice, green vegetables and fish/meat during my diet. No unions, tomatoes, belle pepper, chocolate, milk, kiwi fruits, pineapple, oh god guys the list was so long! I slowly added more and new things into my diet. I am still having problems with some kind of foods. My belly will never fully heal again. The bacteria made a lot of damage, that can’t be changed. This is what my diet look liked in 2013:

Morning: Yoghurt with granola and blueberries ( to have some vitamines! )
Afternoon: Rice with broccoli/carets/green beans and fish/ meat.
Evening: Rice with broccoli/carets/green beans and fish/ meat.

I also couldn’t eat meat that was already seasoned. Because my belly couldn’t handle that. I also avoided pig meat, because this also didn’t work out for me. The only meat a ate was most of the time chicken. (for those who are wondering: I still can’t eat meat that is already prepared or peppered when you buy it, if you know what I mean ) This diet was the hardest thing ever, because I love sweets and snacks. But my parents helped me trough it. It changed the way I eat these days.


What my diet looks like right now

As a said before: after the bacteria left my body, I slowly added new fruits and vegetables into my diet. (btw guys, I didn’t followed this diet on my own, I had a special doctor who helped me with this! Always find someone who can help you with dealing with things like this, someone who is a professional!) So, she told me that I had to listen to my body. Slowly I tried out to eat pancakes, unions, eggs and chocolate again. Pancakes and pizza are still a no go, I always feel sick for 2 days after eating them. But unions, eggs and chocolate is fine! I became so close with my body, I started to work out in 2016 and I felt better and better. If you want to change how you feel, listen to what your body says to you! Unfortunately my belly will never be as how it was before that night, never. I still have to be really strict sometimes. This is how my diet looks right now:

Morning: plain yoghurt with granola, blueberries, kiwi, banana and 2 mandarins.
Afternoon: rice waffles with avocado and 1 egg. Sometimes I like to eat bread, but depends on how my body feels that day.
Evening: a lot of different vegetables, fish and rice/spaghetti. I don’t eat fish every day, most of the time twice a week.
Snack: chocolate nuts or tomatoes.

Why I stopped eating meat

Following this diet and listing to my body learnt me what I exactly like to eat. I wondered that eating meat, didn’t make my body feel any better. My belly was swollen very often and I couldn’t figure out why. At the end of 2017 I started to eat less and less meat, I wasn’t really aware of what I was doing, but I chose more and more for vegetarian meals. I didn’t miss it at all. I loved to play around with vegetables and tried out new recipes. There is a long list of things that I still don’t eat or things where I get sick from. Dealing with this daily, made my love my body more and more. Skipping meat, makes me feel better not only for myself, but also for our world. We don’t care about our environment and animals so often. I feel like I am doing something good for it now. Yes, I am also thinking about eating completely vegan, but that is a step for the future.

  • Here is a list of food that I still can’t eat or where I get sick from:
    – everything that is seasoned
    – potatoes
    – pizza dough
    – prepacked sauces, spaghetti sauces or anything else that is already done and you only have to warm it up or cook it.
    – Bread
    – A lot of different sauces, I can only eat home made sauces
    – Chips, candy or other snacks like these
    – cookies
    – garniture
    – alcohol
    – etc.

Of course, I cheat. I don’t always eat this clean. There are days where I eat chocolate cookies, the fact that I am going to be feeling sick the next day doesn’t matter. Cheating is natural, it would be very hard for me to not to. I am definitely an emotional eater, so it is worse when I have had a bad day or something. Eating and following this diet makes me feeling very well and it gives me so much energy.

How does your diet look like? I would love to read and share recipes with each other ! 

XO Esmée 





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