5 things to consider before starting a Blog


Hi loves! How are you doing? Lately I got this question a lot: how do you start a blog?
Since blogging is getting more and more popular, I thought, let’s give you some tips and tricks! I also started from nowhere. In this blog post I will ask/you 5 things you have to consider before you are starting a blog. The beginning is simple, but since there are so much others, it is really hard to stay ‘different’. Starting is easy, but growing your blog is the hardest part! I am also still struggling with this. So below, I also have some tips and tricks for that 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

Ask yourself: Why?

This question, is maybe the hardest one, but so important. Ask yourself: Why do want to start a blog? Do you want to make money with it ? Or do you want to share your creativity? Or are you just obsessed with using social media? You can start for many reasons. I started to share my creativity, for example. And I loved to use social media since  I was in high school. I became obsessed with changing my theme’s and made photo’s of everything. In 2016 I found out about blogging and so on. Think about this and write down your thoughts. This will help you in the future, it gives you some extra motivation! Remember why you started.

What kind of content do you want to create?

For example: Fashion, lifestyle or maybe you want to talk about your favorite brands. Or maybe just about your cat. If you know what kind of content you want to create, you will also know what kind of pictures or information you’ll need. Choose a topic that you like and write down a few subjects you would like to talk about. Then you have a little start already! These days it is kinda hard to create content that is new or unique. But there is always space for new blogs! Just do your thing and create what YOU like. It helps to save lots of pictures who inspire you, for example on Pinterest or Instagram.



If you want to grow your blog big, you have to be out there all the time. It is really important to connect with your followers and readers. This can be helpful by using social media. You can share you blogposts and talk to your followers. You have to realize, that if you want to grow your blog big, you have to work hard. It is not going all by itself. Ask yourself: do I want to write every week? or just ones a month? What are my goals with this blog? Also: be open towards your readers. People will only follow you when they trust you. Show who you are and stay close to yourself. It is like opening up to someone, but then on the internet. Of course, you are in control, you can share as much as you want.


It can be hard to find your own personal style. It took me years and I still feel like I am changing all the time. If you decide to start your own blog, it is important to stand out from the rest. You are not the only one these days anymore who is into blogging. Find what makes you different, don’t expect that everyone is going to like it. Like real life. Just do you. If you have a specific style or theme people are more likely to follow you. Build your empire around your style, this will provide your content!


If you do something with all your heart and passion. People will see this, love this and LIKE this! Before starting a blog, find what you are passionate about. This can also help by choosing a subject for your blog. If you like horse riding more, for example, then maybe blogging is not something for you. Your passion can be something in life you want to reach, a goal. It can also be a hobby or a person. Find your passion and you will see amazing results!

I hope these tips may be relevant for you and helping you out by starting your own blog.

Let me know !

xo Esmée








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