3 benefits of being a small blogger

Hi Loves! How are you doing? I hope you loved this amazing weather today as much as I did! Lately I am obsessed with buying florals, they bright up my room and the smell is amazing. I prefer to put them next to my window, so that they get enough sunshine and every time I look at them…. It just makes me super happy. Although you guys know that I am a winter lover. But, enough rambling for today.. let’s move on to today’s topic I want to talk about. I see so many girls dying over big bloggers: ‘so perfect!’ or ‘I want her life!’ and stuff like that. I know growing your blog can be hard and it may looks impossible. Today I wanted to spread some positivity to tell you how much you can actually do when you are a small blogger! 

Close with your audience

First things first: having a blog is already a great! Be super duper proud about it. It is your little place on the internet, which you all created by yourself. Realize that in real life not everybody is going to like you, the same goes for the online world. But you did it, you are here! When you have a small blog or you are maybe not that active, the audience is usually small to. This means that most of use have a great connection with our followers. We know them, share a lot of pictures with them and talk to them daily. Do not underestimate this! If brands are looking for bloggers to collaborate with, they want to see that you have this strong connection with your followers. The amount of them does not count. Unfortunately a lot of brands and organizations do not realize this yet, it can be a strong benefit for you! For example: if you want to work with an amazing fashion brand, which you love, try to convince them this way. Your power is your community, make use of it! How fun is that? I met my best friends because of blogging. 

The fun aspects 

This makes us move on to the next benefit of being a small blogger: the events. Bloggers with a big audience have a schedule which makes me stressed out by even looking at it. Why would brands even invite them? They do not have the time to pass by! I hear you thinking: but they are getting those amazing trips and bla bla. That is true, to be honest: I am jealous to. But, as a smaller blogger you will get way more invites. On these small events you will get a great connection with the brands, other bloggers and most of the time: it is not that far away! You do not have to travel for hours. And a lot of times you can travel with other bloggers together ( at least in the Netherlands ).

Creative Mind

Now, let’s talk about all the free stuff. I am a student. Dying in school, because my creative mind is always the craziest. I do not life with my parents anymore and my room rent is high. Although I am having a small audience, I have got the opportunity to work with amazing brands. My closet exists mostly of clothes that brands nicely given to me. That maybe sounds really sad, but how can I buy myself a Chanel bag when my main income is as high as my room rent? I want to make some thing clear here ( before you are going to start thinking weird about me) : I did not start blogging to get free stuff. That is maybe another topic to talk about later..

To conclude… having a blog and small audience is amazing! I am so happy and crate full that I can do this. Connect with your following, go to the small events and write with all your heart and maybe we are all as ‘the big bloggers’ some day… 

♥ Esmée




  1. Kim
    April 11, 2018 / 21:06

    Love this babe! 💕 Love deze positiviteit en de foto’s zijn ook prachtig! X

  2. Veerle
    April 25, 2018 / 19:05

    Wauw wat een prachtig stuk. Oprecht, optimistisch, uit het hart 💕

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