Opening up: Life as an ‘influencer’

Life as an influencer

Life as an Influencer, let’s talk.

Oh dear, I am so against this word: ‘influencer’. It seems like it is hot now to start an Instagram page, it is even weird when you do not have one. Well, to attract you, I had to use it. I do not want to spread any negativity or hate, of course, but I have been struggling these last couple of days. I have become more and more aware of what is happening around me, or us, as bloggers. Influencer marketing is not taking seriously, well at least not always. Sometimes I feel like all my work is for nothing. I wondered yesterday if I should quit for a while, but why should I quit something I love doing so much? I have never been so confident with myself, as I am now. Blogging really changed so many aspects of my life. And, as you may know, life as an influencer, is not easy. It takes hard work and consistency. I feel like people are starting to forget this. Other people may think: oh so much fun you are going to the beach! That must be a relaxing day! Well, to be honest, I was exhausted. We had several outfits with us and we took pictures for 3 hours. I did not even lay down for one second. ( But I love it haha )

Just imagine: planning your outfits the day before, looking for the right location. When you arrive, the location is not as what you had hoped and you just have to deal with how it turned out. I take sometimes over 300 photo’s in one session and 2 or 3 of them are good. I think that our work is underestimated. Very often, brands do not understand how much time it takes. It almost makes me angry when a brand emails me for a collaboration and asks if I can post 10 photo’s of a bath bomb. Influencing is not a joke. I revues to do that.

Besides taking photo’s and planning outfits you also have to be out there all the time. I hear from a lot of friends around me that I am so much ‘on my phone’ . Since it was hard to explain what I was doing, I always answer with: Yeah, I am active in my community now, I will be back in 10 minutes’. Of course with a big smile. I try to be as much in connection with my followers as possible. As an influencer you have to be on social media all the time. Sharing, sending messages, I have not even start about your mailbox yet… More and more brands are noticing the benefits of working with bloggers/influences. Which is a good thing for us, yeah! But, that also means that this job is about to get serious. Try to tell other people that you are making a living from Instagram, they may look at you like you are crazy. Well, they have no idea…


This day shooting at the beach made me realize that this was way more than being out there or sharing pictures. It is a way in which I can share me and my creativity. I met my best friends because of blogging. Being an ‘influencer’ was never my goal. My love for social media has been there since I was 12 and now I found a way to express and design this love.



Outfit Details:
Top – Forever 21 – Sold out
Skirt – Asos – Sold out
Sorry guys! Bought them last year. x


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