Instagram Likes: Why you shouldn’t care about them

Why you shouldn care about your Instagram likes

Hey my lovelies, today I wanted to write about an important topic that has been going around lately: getting the likes. (Instagram likes) Since the algorithm was introduced by Instagram big creators saw there engagement going down. After months of complaining I feel like it is finally getting a bit better now. Also, my engagement decreased and it FREAKED me out. I was working so hard, for what?! Instagram! I see girls now, who are just starting Instagram growing like crazy. I wondered for a while… what am I doing wrong? If you are also struggling with this, this blog post may help you out! We all just need to relax a little bit…

First we will go a little bit into the details, why do we get so obsessed with likes on social media? Getting a certain amount of likes gives us the feeling that we are  important. People like us ! omg. It would be so weird if we would have a like button in real life haha. If you are insecure about the fact that people like you or not in real life, you will also be insecure on social media. The amount of likes you can get can give you that satisfaction you where looking for. I think it all starts with SELF LOVE. During my journey on Instagram I started to love myself, I grow. I like my pictures and it bothers me not anymore if you don’t.

So, what did change my mindset?

  • I was worrying so much about the lower engagement, that one day I was sick of it. I just wanted to post things I LIKE. I believe in the fact that if you create and post what you like, the likes will come back to you.
  • Remember, that half of the people who are liking your post: DON”T GIVE A DAMN. They just like it! Because they saw something in your photo, maybe it was your outfit or maybe it was the bird flying around in the back, something triggered them to move there fingers. It doesn’t mean that they are also interested in your life. This made me realize that getting a lot of likes doesn’t mean that you are necessarily popular on Instagram. They may not see you and your account ever again. So why would you worry about those people?
  • This one is really important for the entrepreneurs out here. I always thought that if I didn’t had a bunch of likes on my pictures, I could never start a good working blog. Well, see where I am now. I am having an average of 1.000 likes per photo, which is not that much you would say. But I am working with amazing brands and I got great opportunities as it comes to events or press trips. The interaction with my followers is really high because I do not have so many to worry about! I know and feel them, which is a really strong benefit if you are promoting a brand.
  • Last but not least: I got comfortable with my content. I wasn’t looking for the best pictures anymore, the pictures I thought would do great. I starting posting the pictures I loved. The pictures I was proud off. This made me much more happier then consistently trying to creating something that wasn’t me. Being confident about your content is so important, I can’t say this enough guys! If you are confident you will show this off, your followers will see this. Instagram rewards everyone with their own style. You should just do you. And yes, maybe you will not get the Instagram likes you where hoping for, but you will create work you can look at and be proud off.

I hope these tips will help you to stop worrying and enjoy Instagram more!
You can find the dress that I am wearing right here: Lulus

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  1. Valerie jimenez
    July 6, 2018 / 03:03

    i love your dress! can you please send me the link ?

    • esmeerodrigo
      April 9, 2021 / 14:13

      I have linked it in the post! <3

    • esmeerodrigo
      February 18, 2022 / 20:56

      You are welcome!! xxx

  2. Kilali
    April 18, 2022 / 11:36

    Thanks a lot for this important,useful reminder.

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