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Sitting in my room, where it is still 25 degrees, listening to some music. Summer evenings are the best. I love to stay up late and watch the sky full of little stars. Trying to write a blog post during the day is a waste of time, I never have enough inspiration or words to tell you. I just had an argument with someone close to me, we talked a lot, which was needed. Soon after I sit here behind my desk, looking for the right words. Is it weird? Maybe, but always after something hard, I feel so motivated to go and move forward. To start things positive again. It feels like a relieve. When some thing is on your mind, which is hurting you or holding you back from happiness, tell someone. Or the person which is involved in the situation. Although it might hurt the other one. That is though, but it can bring you closer together.

Writing has always been one of my passions. From keeping a diary, to writing little stories about animals when I was younger. The decision to start a blog was easy. Now I am fortunate enough to tell you that I am working on something so cool! It has been my biggest collaboration so far and it makes me super happy to add these brands to my collection. I will share a few items today, starting off with this amazing bag from: Faithfull the Brand. How cute is it?! This is definitely my go to summer outfit. A dress, combined with some sneakers and a simple wooden bag. You can style it in so many ways! My dress is this one from: Loavies. Unfortunately it is out of stock, but they still sell it in blue!

To shop the bag, you have to go to: OPEN THIS.

Besides the fact that I love to wear dresses around the summer holidays, I also have a big love for Skirts. This dress is kind of a combination. It has a gap between the bottom and the top, which I think is so cute. You can adjust the bow however you want, you can even leave it. But I prefer to make a knot and let it be in his place.

Right now it is an hour later, I have written the blogpost, checked all the data and it is ready for tomorrow morning. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, I feel so amazing and happy that so many of you are reading my posts! I get a lot of comments in the mailbox everyday and I am so glad that you guys are giving me this positive vibe.

Lots of love for you <3



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      July 24, 2018 / 21:33

      ah thanks! 🙂

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