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We are halfway summer and my summer sneaker collection is bigger than ever! And I realized I never talk about them. Perhaps, you have seen a few passing by on my Instagram or blog. Today I will get you through my summer shoe collection and the ones who are on my wishlist for Fall! I personally cannot wait for fall, I already invested some money in new tea flavors. Soon there will be a blog post online with my favorite Fall pieces. Maybe I can make one about changing my wardrobe and making it ready for fall? As some of you know, me and my boyfriend have our own apartment now. I haven’t shared a lot about it, because moving takes time and energy folks haha. Well, more about that later. Let’s talk about my favorite sneakers a.t.m! In the picture above I am wearing my white sneakers from the brand: Hummel. This basic pear is simple to style and wear during every season. They are so comfortable! They are small and not that big. So your outfit will get enough attention. The next ones that I love are my … Fila’s. I bought them recently in Amsterdam, doubting a lot if I should get them or not. I never regret. I had to get used to this trend. But now I almost never take them off. Style them under a dress and you will look fab! These ones are a bit bigger, then the ones from Hummel. But they are good to go. As I said, I wasn’t a fan of this trend, but now I can not live without them.

A week ago I found out about Sport Showroom. NL.  A Dutch webshop where you can buy from brands like Adidas and Nike. They just launched, so I was kind of new with using this website. During this afternoon I was searching for a new pair to add on my wish list. The Nike Air Force 1 got my eye. ( my fall – wish list is getting long now! )There are a lot of other styles who may fit yours. It comes in more types of variations. Did you know that the name of this shoe is the same they use for the airplane from the President? The first ones were designed in 1982 and they were used by basketball players. So fun to hear that they now changed into a casual shoe, that a lot of students are wearing these days. It is the basic shoe from Nike but now reinvented. It comes in new styles, I love it.

To style my sneakers the best way I always look up for inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest. I would style  the white Air Force 1 with a cute short dress, to make it comfortable during hot days.



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