5 Things 2018 has taught me

2018 was overall a good year for me: I can definitely say that I found my inner peace.  In 2018 I found a kind of peace within myself that I haven’t felt before. I started with accepting that I was enough. In our society, we are consistently overwhelmed with ‘girl bosses’ and ‘superwoman’. Because of my studies, things that happened in my family, I built up a huge pressure on myself, this pressure almost ruined me in 2017. At the end of 2017, I was done with running around like a crazy person, consistently crossing my own borders. Happy thoughts came and 2018 gave me so much, more than I could imagine!

  1. Life is NOW
    – These three words may sound scary, but it is so true! Why wondering and doubting when you can do things right away. I have to admit that I waited too long with things in my life. Especially the ones who scare the hell out of me. Of course, you have to be fully ready to do something, to change. But do not waste your time wondering if you are going the right way. Life will guide you.
  2. Say no more often
    – I am that type of girl who is always running around, trying to please everyone. 2018 taught me that this was not something I could persevere all my life. If you do not feel like doing something, then don’t! Skip that party, take your rest. People will only respect you when you choose you.
  3. Always listen to your inner voice/feelings
    – A thing I still have to learn… Your stomach can tell you everything, do not let your mind take over. When we were younger, as kids, we used to be so connected with our inner selves. I am trying to get back to this by reading books or by writing my feelings down. I can not tell you enough how important this is!
  4. Some things are out of your control
    – You can not control everything in life. Things happen, even if you are trying your hardest to hold on. It is better to go with the flow then stressing over something you thought was forever. Life has a good reason to guide you this way.
  5. Organization is the key to success!
    – I have to admit: I am not really a planner. This holds me back from doing a lot of things I wanted to do in 2018. So buy that planner and get started!


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