6 Steps to a healthy lifestyle

6 steps to a healthy lifestyle

6 Steps to a healthy lifestyle

Move your body everyday

Yes, this sounds like a lot but it is one of the things I swear by! I prefer running, but you can choose whatever exercise you like. If you are new to this try to make it a bit easier for yourself by starting with 30 minutes of movement per day. Then go up from there. You will feel great, I promise!

Make sure that you get enough sleep

I used to sleep so much but lately I suffered from lack of sleep because I was working 24/7. This resulted in hairloss, weightless and a high stresslevel. I almost for got how important sleep is. So manage your sleeping schedule! Write one down that work for you. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday: 11-8 for example.

Avoid Alcohol

If you want to have thicker hair, better sleep and more energy try to avoid any sorts of alcohol. I have never really been interested in alcohol so for me this step is easy! You will feel like a total different person in a week, just give it a try.

Cut down on processed foods

Processed foods are pre-pared, cooked or contain a high doses of sugar. You can balance your diet by cutting them out. They are often ready to eat such as chips, frozen pizza and cookies.

Drink more water

Can not tell you this enough! Water is everything to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but make sure you are not drinking to much of it! Keep you water intake to 2 liters a day, that is perfect!

Break bad habits

I read once that it takes 10 days to change a habit. If you find it hard to wake up early, you can focus on those ten days. Keep in mind that you have to wake up early for ten days and it will get easier every time.

6 Steps to a healthy lifestyle


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