Greece | A Romantic Evening

In the middle of my exam week, I was thinking back about summer. This year I went to Kreta and I thought it would be great to tell you so more about this beautiful island. I visited Kreta for the third time, it definitely has a special place in my heart. My boyfriend and I had a romantic dinner at restaurant Galini, Koutouloufari. This small village is just above Chersonissos. The perfect place to stay. When you want to go out for shopping, it takes you only 15 minutes walking to get there. This night I had the delicious pasta ever. If you know me well, you know that pasta carbonara is my favorite. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
XO Esmée
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To Die For: Autumn Fashion

Maybe you haven’t thing of it yet.. but Autumn is just around the corner. Lately I was searching around Instagram to find some fashion inspiration for the upcoming season. Last year I had a hard time finding my style and this time I want to be totally up to date. My list with items is long and today I wanted to share everything with you! To start I found some basics, you can find all the items on the website from Esprit. I used some inspirational pictures from Pinterest and Instagram to find the pieces. The items on the Esprit Website are similar to the items on the pictures!

* During my research I saw a lot of Denim styles. You can style a denim jacket together with a grey sweater or black top. It would be perfect for autumn! You can shop your denim jacket here: Esprit Denim Jacket.


  • The second Item that you can find on my list are: biker boots. They are perfect for autumn! I own a pair of white boots now, so I can’t wait to get my black ones also.  They are perfect for this season and they keep your feet warm! Last year I made a post about an outfit like this, for inspiration. HERE<3 You can shop them here: Biker Boots


While I am writing this I realize that I can’t wait for this cold time to begin, although I am a summer lover by heart. But seeing all these amazing styles makes me so happy. So let’s move on to the next item: The striped sweater. During autumn I usually where black or grey, but this year you are also going to see a lot of colors. I love it! Stripes are hot. You can find similar items here: Esprit Striped Sweater


What do you think about these items?

xo Esmée

Diary | Step by Step: ‘Achieve’ Your Goals


Okay guys, I have something to tell you. Something that I experienced this year, 2017. To explain this, we have to go back to September, 2016. I started my new school year full of energy, I wanted to do everything that I could possibly can. So I signed up for extra courses, followed a blog schedule and worked so hard on the own company me and some other students have. With a lack of sleep, motivation and ambition I started 2017. Totally lost myself. I didn’t pass every exam, what made me feel really disappointing in myself. Because, if I worked hard, I could do it all, right?! Well, the happy, energetic person was gone. I had putted so much pressure on myself, that wasn’t even necessary. I wanted to be ‘that perfect person that can do everything.’

This brings me back to all the quotes about: achieving your goals. I think it is really important to have a or a few, goals in your life. Some things, that you are living for. But, don’t make it yourself to hard. Because you will lose your happiness, your fire and your strength. Now, I don’t believe in these quotes anymore. I just want to be happy. With my process and my dreams. My goals will be there, but now they are less important for me. I let go of being ‘perfect’ and I started to Enjoy The Ride towards them.

xo Esmée

Diary | Let’s talk about love

Love, when you are young, you believe that it is something magical. Something you would life and die for. Of course, having feelings for someone, is a magical feeling. It go’s deeply, right from your heart. But let’s keep things real: love is also a process. A process that can break you. When you are in love, you are weak and sensitive. Maybe you are suddenly insecure about yourself: are you even good enough to be with this other person?

I think that being in love can change people, as it changed me. I also see this by my friends. This doesn’t have to be in a negative way, it brings also a lot of positive things into your life. You found a best friend, a soulmate. Someone that inspires you, who motivates you. Since I am in a relationship, for two years now, I recognized myself that I am sharing everything with him. From my daily breakfast till a car accident that happened in front of me on my way to school. Being in love or in a relationship makes you sometimes forget about yourself. It is so important to step back ones in a while, to take some time off and work on you.

How you feel about someone or about love is different for everyone. I wanted to describe my vision on love a little bit in this post, but I feel like it turned out to be all over the place. The most important thing is that you are happy, that the person you love makes you feel strong and good about yourself. Supporting each other is one of the things that you can’t miss in your relationship. So think about that.

Are you in a relationship?

xo Esmee

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Diary | Creative Mind


Although I am writing to a small group, it feels great to hear that you guys like my diary stories. Since I am studying Marketing, I realized today that I hardly make time for my creative mind. Of course, working your blog and content has creative aspects, but with creative in this way I mean: doing something with your hands. Drawing and writing, like you used to do when you where in high school for example. Or that time when I opened every fashion-magazine to cut out the styles or clothes that inspired me. Now you just open Instagram and Pinterest where you can literally find everything. Am I the only one that misses buying magazines? To slowly read every page, full of interest? Blogging is like the same, but then online. (New idea: Your blog as a magazine!) But, to focus on this topic, I started to use my hands more. This weekend I am going to pimp up my bike, with floral prints, bright colors and lots of painting. I am so excited! It feels so good to be doing things like that again. You will see a picture of the result on my Instagram!


Being creative is not something you can control, it comes with time. When you feel mentally relaxed and fine it is more likely to come up with new ideas. It is important to have a clear mind, so that you have space to create. You can clear your mind in several ways. It helps me a lot to sing old songs from bands that I used to love. ( I am going to Linkin Park in concert btw, soooo excited! ) Or working out. And one important rule: don’t be hard on yourself. Just create what you love and what you think it is worth it!


XO Esmée

  • I found these pictures on pinterest and edit them myself. Expect for the first picture, a friend of mine took that of me in London.

To Flair | Our Own Designed Notebooks

It took a while, but I can finally share with you a project that I’ve been working on for months! Me and two friends started our own company: To Flair.  We designed our own Marble Notebooks and there is something special about them: you can remove the papers when it’s full. So you can use it again and again. This is actually a school project, which takes a year. We had a hard start, setting up a company is not easy. For some companies it takes years, but we had to plan everything in three months. Our Website is done and we already sold out ones. In the few upcoming months, we will take it to the next level. But that is a secret for now.


There is a black marble notebook and a white one. On the back you can find our name in gold letters, which is super pretty!

What do you think?

xo Esmee