Hi babes,

I am back!! 100%.
After almost six months I thought it was about time to write some new stuff down again. I have been at a bad place last winter and I am trying every day to grow myself stronger and happier within. I noticed how much my moods influenced my creativity. At some point there was literally nothing  I could come up with, I felt like all my dreams just faded away. As a blogger, your imagination and creativity is the biggest part of your career. There were a few things that helped me to get back on track, in a different way, but maybe even in a better one.
So here are some tips and tricks to do when you feel uninspired about life:

BE sure to get enough rest and sleep. I can’t say enough how important this is! This is a big struggle point for me because I love to go out with friends. I am out of the house all the time. Either I am at school, working at the restaurant, partying, visiting events, go for drinks or dinner with friends or I am at the gym. This year I have been sick a couple of times already so I am going to focus on taking more rest this fall.

DO something new. Change your environment or your daily routine. Instead of eating your breakfast inside, go outside and eat your breakfast somewhere else. The park, garden or just at the corner of the street. Maybe there is a bakery nearby, there are so many options. What I learned this year is that it isn’t about big vacations, amazing places, it is about the beauty you see in your surroundings.

STOP using your phone for a while and try to be more present. For me, as a blogger, this is hard. Because everything I do is online. There are weekends where I just put my phone away and enjoy my offline time. The morning is the most important time of the day, I used to check my phone immediately. Since I stopped this I noticed that I wake up differently, more relaxed. I take the time to make a proper breakfast, before checking the online world.

RECOGNIZE the thoughts in your head who keep you in a negative state. Try to write them down, are they even true? Most of the time the only thing that is holding us back, is our selves. So try to get rit of these thoughts and replace them with a positive one. So every time when a negative thought is coming up, place a positive one in place. This takes some practice, but I promise it will help you for the best!

START a crazy house clean up. Replace and re-design the environment you spend in most of the time of your days. When my room is a mess, for example, I find it much harder to concentrate or relax. Every season I tend to change the house a lot, it makes me feel exciting and you will get so much inspiration from it!




Sometimes you are in a position full negative energy. Life has put you there and maybe you are wondering why. Things can happen unexpectedly and they may take lots of your energy. I have been there before. I think, many times in my life. But lately, I have been noticing certain patterns in my behavior, how is it possible that I let negative energy control my feelings and thoughts so much? We should protect ourselves and have faith in whatever situation we may be. In today’s blog post I am going to explain to you how you can turn your life around to life it the fullest.

1. Find a passion, a source that gives you energy
– For me, that passion is blogging. But it can be anything from drawing to spending time with your greatest friends. This source has to give you positive energy in your life, instead of taking energy from you. Of course, it is not always like this. I get up in the morning really early to work on my blog, so it makes me tired too. But it is about the feeling you get after, in your whole body. Do you feel grateful, happy, satisfied after being with this source? Then you are exactly where you should be!

2. Stop watching TV
– Okay, this may sound weird to you but it actually helps a lot! I used to watch TV all the time after I came home from work or college. It distracts you and you may have been looking to your computer screen already the whole day. Your brain will be staying to active to do anything and it has an influence on your sleep routine.

3. Take responsibility
– The scariest thing is to admit that your life probably sucks right now. You are in a position you do not want to be at all. Do not blame your problems on someone else. You are 100% in control of your life. You can sit back and wait and wait until something magical happens. But life is now. (I feeel soooo creative right now haha! I hope this is going to help you out so much!)

4. Embrace every positive little thing
– If you are in that negative position, where you do not know how to get out. Focus on the small positive things that are actually happening. This can be a sweet message from your friend who is trying to help you out. Or it can be the joyful thought that there is still some peanut butter left in the fridge. The little things are everything. Often we forget them, we focus on the big picture of how our life should be.

Take care of yourself, where ever you are ♥


2018 was overall a good year for me: I can definitely say that I found my inner peace.  In 2018 I found a kind of peace within myself that I haven’t felt before. I started with accepting that I was enough. In our society, we are consistently overwhelmed with ‘girl bosses’ and ‘superwoman’. Because of my studies, things that happened in my family, I built up a huge pressure on myself, this pressure almost ruined me in 2017. At the end of 2017, I was done with running around like a crazy person, consistently crossing my own borders. Happy thoughts came and 2018 gave me so much, more than I could imagine!

  1. Life is NOW
    – These three words may sound scary, but it is so true! Why wondering and doubting when you can do things right away. I have to admit that I waited too long with things in my life. Especially the ones who scare the hell out of me. Of course, you have to be fully ready to do something, to change. But do not waste your time wondering if you are going the right way. Life will guide you.
  2. Say no more often
    – I am that type of girl who is always running around, trying to please everyone. 2018 taught me that this was not something I could persevere all my life. If you do not feel like doing something, then don’t! Skip that party, take your rest. People will only respect you when you choose you.
  3. Always listen to your inner voice/feelings
    – A thing I still have to learn… Your stomach can tell you everything, do not let your mind take over. When we were younger, as kids, we used to be so connected with our inner selves. I am trying to get back to this by reading books or by writing my feelings down. I can not tell you enough how important this is!
  4. Some things are out of your control
    – You can not control everything in life. Things happen, even if you are trying your hardest to hold on. It is better to go with the flow then stressing over something you thought was forever. Life has a good reason to guide you this way.
  5. Organization is the key to success!
    – I have to admit: I am not really a planner. This holds me back from doing a lot of things I wanted to do in 2018. So buy that planner and get started!

Going vegan can be a scary lifestyle change, especially when you are going to take the step in one day. If you are thinking about changing up your diet I suggest you take your time! It took me a year to go from vegetarian to 100% vegan. I changed my diet step by step, this helps you to discover new sorts of foods and flavors and your body gets enough time to get used to your new way of eating. I wrote down my 6 best tips to get you started. This post may also be helpful if you are a vegetarian or if you are just curious about this topic!

  1. You will need a Vitamine B12 supplement.
  • Vitamin B12 occurs naturally only in animal foods, it helps our body with keeping the blood cells and nerve’s healthy and it supports your body in making DNA. A low percentage of B12 in your blood can lead to hair loss, concentration problems, tiredness, headaches and so on.  Don’t worry: you can get B12 in every local drug store. If you are going vegan, I recommend you to visit your doctor to ask for the best vitamins B12 supplements. Every once in a while I get my blood tested, to see if I am not missing out of any important vitamins.

2. Large portions 

  • Keep in mind that your body uses the animal form of some nutrients better than the plant form. You might need a higher dose or cofactors to help you absorb nutrients. For example, I eat lots of everything. Instead of 200 grams of greens per day, I will eat 300 – 400 grams. This sounds crazy, but you have to get enough iron out of your greens. The percentage of iron in meat is way higher than in beans or carrots.

3. Know your motivation

  • Why do you want to go vegan? Write down your thoughts and expectations. I went vegan because I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, supporting the environment and I realized how much new energy I got. As soon as you know why you want to do this, it gets much easier to stick to this vegan diet. If you are having a hard time during your vegan diet, you can read this back.

4. Weightloss

  • When you are changing your diet it can occur that you are going to lose some weight. Keep this in mind and track your calories in the beginning. When I just went fully vegan I recognized that I didn’t have any energy at all. I became feeling dizzy all the time. It turned out that I was eating not enough calories per day, so watch out for this!

5. Do not expect from others that they will understand

  • Sometimes it will feel a bit lonely, your friends may be asking lots of questions and no matter how much you try to explain, not everyone will understand your decision. On the other hand, you may also inspire everyone around you!

6. Remember: keep learning

  • Going vegan is a learning curve. Living as a vegan in a non-vegan world takes both courage and curiosity. Take a look every once in a while at the process you made. During your period of going/being a vegan, you will learn lots about foods and supplements. In the first few months, your diet will keep changing. Find your favorite foods this period and keep playing around with them.

It is not a secret: blogging is DYING. The growth of social media, like Instagram, took away the importance of having a blog. It is hard to find original bloggers nowadays, everyone can start an Instagram page. Taking the time and effort to design a website does not feel like it is worth it anymore. I am going to explain to you why it still is and how you can make people actually read your work.

Having a blog besides any other social media platform will give you a few important benefits:

  • You can manage your online identity and build up trust.
  • Your engagement will increase with your followers
  • You can show more of you
  • Brands are still looking for bloggers to write articles about their products
  • Looking for a job? Show your blog, they will be impressed!
  • It is a way of expressing yourself
  • Share your knowledge, help each other out!
  • You will learn a lot about designing, SEO, building a website, laws, photography….
  • and so on

Since blogging isn’t that popular anymore, it gets harder and harder to gain supportive readers. In the next 10 steps, I will explain to you how to make a difference.

1 Focus on quality content
Always choose quality over quantity. People come back to your blog because they like your content. If they can see you have put a lot of hard work into your photo’s, texts and articles they will come back sooner. Sometimes great work takes a longer, be patient with this. 

2 Share, share and share your work! Everywhere!
While searching for information about this topic I found this great page full of ideas about how you can promote your blog in 101 different ways: How to promote your blog 101 ways. I definitely recommend giving this site a visit. There are so many ideas you probably did not know yet. 

3 Read and comment on popular blogs
It is very important to be out there. Comment on popular blogs within your country. You will receive more traffic to your website this way! Try to follow the same blogs and Instagram pages for a while and really connect with the fellow blogger.

4 Link to popular websites relevant to your topic
Linkbuilding is another way to gain more traffic to your website. In this way google things that you are an expert in your niche. You know what to do. You have found information and you want to share this with the world. 

5 Blog regularly
If your visitors know that next week, the same day, the same time they can expect a great blog post from you again, they will more likely come back. You have made them curious to see more. This does not mean that you have to blog every day or every other day. Ones or twice a week is perfect. 

6 Be open and real towards your readers
You are human, as human as your readers. So show some realness! Share your thoughts, fears and talk openly about your opinions. People like to see who is behind all the work. If you have experienced something that may help others, feel free to talk about it. Nobody is perfect and as humans, we know how vulnerable we are. 

7 Find a need and fill it
What is missing in your nice? What are your readers looking for? Get to know your target audience and play with all the options you have. Try out new things and topics to see which ones are popular. I noticed on Instagram for example that my ‘dreamy’ pictures are always going way better than normal pictures of me. So I try to ‘create’ more ideas and I got way more success. 

8 Sign in as a blogger at every agency you can find
This is so important! To be known as a blogger, you have to be active in the PR and business world. Yes, people can get to know you true Instagram or your blog, but signing up at agency’s can bring you closer to brands. 

9 Give readers a reason to read your work: help them out with helpful posts or topics ( like this one )
I think this speaks for itself. 

10 Make it very easy for people to subscribe
One of the easiest ways to gain more readers is to set them on a mailing list. If they want to sign up, they should not be searching for a long time on your website. It has to be easy, with one click and they are done! You can also set up a mailing list yourself. 





I can not believe how fast the time goes every time I travel abroad. My and my boyfriend had a relaxing week in Zakynthos, a Greece island. It was my 5th time visiting a Greece island. It is clear that I can not have enough. Greece definitely stole my heart. The small streets, the sweet people, the food, the sea, ones you have been there you know what I am talking about. Zakynthos is the greenest island I have visited so far, it contains so much nature. We drove around for hours on our quad to explore the caves, beaches, and little villages. As soon as we booked I decided to check out google to find the best places around our apartment to shoot my outfits. When I saw these sunbeds, I had to make this matching picture.

This beach was in Agios Sostis, a small village right next to the beach. Our apartment was 5 minutes away, it was the perfect spot! I normally never buy anything on the beach but this day there was a seller walking around with fresh fruits. Of course, I couldn’t resist. We have been visiting this beach twice this holiday because there were so many other places to explore! Zakynthos has so much to offer. I am wearing a bikini from Shein, the quality is fine and it fits good around my hips. Decided to order some more for our next trip! I found some other awesome pieces: Shop my Swimwear here . My bag is from Cult Gaia  and I love it so much! It makes every outfit so stylish. The sunglasses is not from Versace but the one laying on the sunbed is! I loved to style this pictures with my cat eye sunnies, in my next post you will see the one from Versace!

Where are you going next?




After blogging frequently for one year now, I discovered some things that work and things who do not. As every beginner, I made some mistakes, which brought me in positions when I did not know what to do. Luckily everything always works out in the end! And with the help of the internet, you will come a long way. I thought it would be interesting to share my Do’s and Don’ts as it comes to blogging, to help you out.


Post Frequently and Consistently

This is one of the most important things to do as a blogger. In this way, you will keep readers engaged and they will return back for more. Of course, if your content is helpful and interesting for them to read. Make a schedule for yourself, this can be a monthly or a weekly one, to keep yourself on track. Choose a day or more per week on which you will publish a blog post. For example, I always post one on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 08:00.

Reach out to other bloggers

In order to receive more readers and visitors, you need to be active on other blogs. I met a few of my best friends (other bloggers) by starting my blog. We became really close and we always make pictures together. It all starts with commenting on other blog posts, from bloggers in your nice. As a fashion blogger, I would comment on other fashion blogs to build up a relationship with them. Reaching out to other bloggers can have another big benefit for you: it is easier for brands to find you.

Stay Positive

Nothing happens over one night. Do not expect too much, the first year you will only be working with hardly any readers. If you stay positive and close to your self your readers will see this back in your blog posts. People are not attracted to read something negative, people want to feel good and read about interesting topics. Just keep that in mind 🙂

Write like you are having a one – on – one conversation

Make your posts personal and easy to read. Like you are talking to a friend. Your readers will get a feeling like they know you and they will be more likely to come back. Just show you and do not be too scared to share too much of yourself, your thoughts or your style. I have a part on my blog that is called: Diary. Here you can find topics about blogging, personal growth etc. I love to write down my thoughts ones in a while and it makes me more ‘real’ or ‘human’ towards my followers. Your readers will take your words more seriously.

Share Share & Share

Imagine: you are a new entrepreneur and you want to reach out to people online. What is the best way to do it? Well, share your work! Show everyone what you are doing and creating. Share your blog posts on all your social media, do not hide and be proud of what you have accomplished. Start with your family, they are your biggest supporters. But I have to warn you: do not share your work with the same people over and over again. Sharing your new blog post one time is enough otherwise, it will get annoying. When you have written a new one, you can share that new one on your socials again. Do not push, but let anyone know that you are out there!


Use pictures from someone else

This can be very disappointing: you can’t just search on google for a picture and then use it on your blog. You will get in big trouble for this. There are companies searching daily for websites who use content from others. This can cost you a big fine and how is this original? Choose your own path and you are creative enough to make your own pictures! You already started and designed a blog, so I am optimistic about the fact that you are able to make some pictures yourself. Of course, you can use one from the internet ones in a while, but you have to take them from special sites then. So that you will not get a fine.

Set unrealistic goals for yourself

Okay, your blog is designed, let’s start! You maybe you are so excited that you are thinking of posting daily. The first week went well, the second one was harder and the third… Take your time by searching for inspiration and blog posts you want to write about. Make a little schedule for yourself, start with one post per week and see how it goes. I am blogging for two years now and since 2018 I post 2 – 3 times per week. It get’s easier every time you do it, your writing will get better. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just enjoy the learning. It does not have to be perfect at ones. Write down a goal that is achievable ( I think every goal is achievable ) but take it step by step. Make your goal a little smaller: what is possible besides your daily routine?

Ramble on

People come to your blog because they saw something they would like to know more about. Always write something that people mind find interesting or something that they can learn from. Don’t ramble on. Choose a topic and make a few headlines before you start writing. What is it that you want to share? How can it help or inspire others? Your readers are your most pressures visitors and you should keep them interested. Personally, I love to write blog posts like this. I love to share my experience and giving you tips who will help you out make me just so happy!

Be a walking advertisement 

The last one is one that is the most annoying thing a blogger can do: only writing a post when a brand-sponsored them to do. Your blog will be nothing more than a walking advertisement. By sharing brand after brand. Of course, blogging is also about working with brands and it is your income. But, stay close to yourself. I only work with brands I value and love so much that I want to share them with you. This blog post btw is not sponsored and completely written out of my heart. I see so many bloggers only writing about brands who send them free stuff. There is nothing wrong with that! But do not make it to much. Keep real and close to what you like to write about.

I hope all my tips where helpful! I would love to hear your feedback.


Top: Loavies | Skirt: NA-KD | Jewerly: Cluse | Bag: Chi Chi London

Have you ever heard: ‘you have to do it for yourself’, ‘love yourself first, before you can love anyone else’? It may sounds selfish, life is not only about you. But in fact, it is.

Putting yourself first is a topic which is often spoken about, but what does it mean to you? Lately some changes in my life made me realize how important it is to go 100% for yourself. No one is going to get you where you want to be. Because you matter, whatever your dreams, goals or situation is. Putting yourself first means taking care of your body, let it rest in time, treat it well. Your body is your souls home. If you want to feel good happy and energized you should listen to it. It can be anything from cancelling night plans so that you will get enough sleep or by just shutting of your computer for an hour. Everything in your life benefits from already these small changes.

Also, putting yourself first means loving yourself. By every decision, moment or day. It can already help if you write down the things you like about yourself. I noticed that if I work out often I get closer to my body. And I love my body more! It makes me feel good and strong and I have way more confidence then I used to have back in the days. When I was younger I used to dislike so many parts of myself, now I ask myself why? If you feel beautiful, you will be beautiful. What you think you become. When I was in high school I got bullied a lot, people always said: ‘ you are different’. I started to believe this. And now with every step I take in my life, this little word is somewhere hiding in my mind. Ignore these negative thoughts and focus on the positive. That is how I start loving myself.


How to put yourself first 

It can be challenging to put yourself before anything else. What would people think of you? You are maybe afraid that you will lose the connection and contact with the people who are close to you. The reality is… the right ones will stay. The people who really care about you will give you that extra time and space. Learn yourself to say no. Choose your boundaries. Other people will respect them and eventually, they will start to respect you. It took me a while to figure out my boundaries. Especially in relationships, I found this very hard to do. Because you would do everything for love, right? Until it doesn’t make you happy anymore. I was living his life, instead of mine. Here are some changes I noticed by putting myself first:

  • I got more energy
  • I feel happy almost everyday, because I am doing the things I want to do
  • My productivity increased
  • I got way more confident about myself

In order to get where you want to be you have to listen to yourself. What is it in life you really want? For example: I want to feel healthy and energized. Write down a list with things who make you feel this way and follow this list! Write down your thoughts and fears, give them a place on a paper and leave them there. All you have to do is to start.

It makes it easier to begin by making small steps. Schedule some ‘me time‘ in every day. It can be 10 minutes or one hour. That is up to you. In that time of the day you are going to do whatever makes you feel happier and closer to your goals. For me working out or reading a magazine is the best ‘me time’. Or by taking a long bath. I try to do this everyday. Even if I have to cancel a appointment to do this. I understand that if you are not working from home, this can be much harder. But right after your long day at work you can go for a walk outside or you just run into the gym. People often say: I don’t have time. Where do you get the time from to do all this? Well it is all about what you do with the time you have. We are given 24 hours per day. Calculate how many of them you are not doing for yourself, but for someone or something else.

The last things who can help you putting yourself first are:

  • write down a list with things who make you happy
  • ask yourself if what you are doing is giving you energy ( I can get a lot of positive energy from visiting festivals or concerts )
  • if something is not giving you positive energy anymore, change the situation or leave it
  • choose the right people around you
  • choose healthy over junk food or sugars ( changing my diet was the best thing I ever did )
  • take care of your body

I hope all these things will help you to make yourself a priority. If you want to read a updated diet routine, please drop a comment down below

Outfit details:
– Top:  Loavies
– Skirt: NA-KD
– Shoes: Asos
– Bag:  Chi Chi Clothing
– Jewelry: Cluse


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