5 things to consider before starting a Blog


Hi loves! How are you doing? Lately I got this question a lot: how do you start a blog?
Since blogging is getting more and more popular, I thought, let’s give you some tips and tricks! I also started from nowhere. In this blog post I will ask/you 5 things you have to consider before you are starting a blog. The beginning is simple, but since there are so much others, it is really hard to stay ‘different’. Starting is easy, but growing your blog is the hardest part! I am also still struggling with this. So below, I also have some tips and tricks for that 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

Ask yourself: Why?

This question, is maybe the hardest one, but so important. Ask yourself: Why do want to start a blog? Do you want to make money with it ? Or do you want to share your creativity? Or are you just obsessed with using social media? You can start for many reasons. I started to share my creativity, for example. And I loved to use social media since  I was in high school. I became obsessed with changing my theme’s and made photo’s of everything. In 2016 I found out about blogging and so on. Think about this and write down your thoughts. This will help you in the future, it gives you some extra motivation! Remember why you started.

What kind of content do you want to create?

For example: Fashion, lifestyle or maybe you want to talk about your favorite brands. Or maybe just about your cat. If you know what kind of content you want to create, you will also know what kind of pictures or information you’ll need. Choose a topic that you like and write down a few subjects you would like to talk about. Then you have a little start already! These days it is kinda hard to create content that is new or unique. But there is always space for new blogs! Just do your thing and create what YOU like. It helps to save lots of pictures who inspire you, for example on Pinterest or Instagram.



If you want to grow your blog big, you have to be out there all the time. It is really important to connect with your followers and readers. This can be helpful by using social media. You can share you blogposts and talk to your followers. You have to realize, that if you want to grow your blog big, you have to work hard. It is not going all by itself. Ask yourself: do I want to write every week? or just ones a month? What are my goals with this blog? Also: be open towards your readers. People will only follow you when they trust you. Show who you are and stay close to yourself. It is like opening up to someone, but then on the internet. Of course, you are in control, you can share as much as you want.


It can be hard to find your own personal style. It took me years and I still feel like I am changing all the time. If you decide to start your own blog, it is important to stand out from the rest. You are not the only one these days anymore who is into blogging. Find what makes you different, don’t expect that everyone is going to like it. Like real life. Just do you. If you have a specific style or theme people are more likely to follow you. Build your empire around your style, this will provide your content!


If you do something with all your heart and passion. People will see this, love this and LIKE this! Before starting a blog, find what you are passionate about. This can also help by choosing a subject for your blog. If you like horse riding more, for example, then maybe blogging is not something for you. Your passion can be something in life you want to reach, a goal. It can also be a hobby or a person. Find your passion and you will see amazing results!

I hope these tips may be relevant for you and helping you out by starting your own blog.

Let me know !

xo Esmée







My Current Diet Routine | Why I stopped eating meat


Hi Loves,
How are you doing? Today I wanted to talk with you about something that is going on lately. Since December I completely stopped eating meat. You probably heard from so many people that they started to eat vegan or vegetarian. It is a ‘hot’ topic lately. Girls on Instagram who show that they are eating meat, are getting angry comments from there followers. And suddenly everyone is trying to make the best vegan meals. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this! I love to see that the world is more aware of what they are consuming. It is a way for us to connect more with our earth. Today I will talk more about why and how I stopped eating meat, not to convince you to do to, but to make you more aware of what is going on in our world of ‘meat’.

How it all started, back in 2013 

So, I have been dieting for almost 4 years now. It all started when I got really sick after my holiday in Greece, in 2013. My mom and I both got sick, very sick. It happened over night, which was so scary! My mom got so sick that we had to call an ambulance. Luckily the doctor came really fast and my mom felt so much better the next morning. Except for me, it took me 2,5 years to recover. After a couple of months we found out that the food in a restaurant, where we had eaten the day before, wasn’t that good as we thought. It contain a particular bacteria, that stayed inside my body for 2 years. When I got home I consistently felt sick in my belly, there where days when I only trow up and days where I had consistently pain. On doctors advise I started to follow a diet, together with medicines and antibiotic. After 2 years, the bacteria finally got out of my body, the diet helped me so much with fighting this gruel that I wanted to continue doing this. I felt so much better, had way more energy and school went so well. I was so aware of my body, my health and I felt everything so strong. I never thought that a thing like this would happen, but it made me where I am now.

So, my diet continued. I only ate: white rice, green vegetables and fish/meat during my diet. No unions, tomatoes, belle pepper, chocolate, milk, kiwi fruits, pineapple, oh god guys the list was so long! I slowly added more and new things into my diet. I am still having problems with some kind of foods. My belly will never fully heal again. The bacteria made a lot of damage, that can’t be changed. This is what my diet look liked in 2013:

Morning: Yoghurt with granola and blueberries ( to have some vitamines! )
Afternoon: Rice with broccoli/carets/green beans and fish/ meat.
Evening: Rice with broccoli/carets/green beans and fish/ meat.

I also couldn’t eat meat that was already seasoned. Because my belly couldn’t handle that. I also avoided pig meat, because this also didn’t work out for me. The only meat a ate was most of the time chicken. (for those who are wondering: I still can’t eat meat that is already prepared or peppered when you buy it, if you know what I mean ) This diet was the hardest thing ever, because I love sweets and snacks. But my parents helped me trough it. It changed the way I eat these days.


What my diet looks like right now

As a said before: after the bacteria left my body, I slowly added new fruits and vegetables into my diet. (btw guys, I didn’t followed this diet on my own, I had a special doctor who helped me with this! Always find someone who can help you with dealing with things like this, someone who is a professional!) So, she told me that I had to listen to my body. Slowly I tried out to eat pancakes, unions, eggs and chocolate again. Pancakes and pizza are still a no go, I always feel sick for 2 days after eating them. But unions, eggs and chocolate is fine! I became so close with my body, I started to work out in 2016 and I felt better and better. If you want to change how you feel, listen to what your body says to you! Unfortunately my belly will never be as how it was before that night, never. I still have to be really strict sometimes. This is how my diet looks right now:

Morning: plain yoghurt with granola, blueberries, kiwi, banana and 2 mandarins.
Afternoon: rice waffles with avocado and 1 egg. Sometimes I like to eat bread, but depends on how my body feels that day.
Evening: a lot of different vegetables, fish and rice/spaghetti. I don’t eat fish every day, most of the time twice a week.
Snack: chocolate nuts or tomatoes.

Why I stopped eating meat

Following this diet and listing to my body learnt me what I exactly like to eat. I wondered that eating meat, didn’t make my body feel any better. My belly was swollen very often and I couldn’t figure out why. At the end of 2017 I started to eat less and less meat, I wasn’t really aware of what I was doing, but I chose more and more for vegetarian meals. I didn’t miss it at all. I loved to play around with vegetables and tried out new recipes. There is a long list of things that I still don’t eat or things where I get sick from. Dealing with this daily, made my love my body more and more. Skipping meat, makes me feel better not only for myself, but also for our world. We don’t care about our environment and animals so often. I feel like I am doing something good for it now. Yes, I am also thinking about eating completely vegan, but that is a step for the future.

  • Here is a list of food that I still can’t eat or where I get sick from:
    – everything that is seasoned
    – potatoes
    – pizza dough
    – prepacked sauces, spaghetti sauces or anything else that is already done and you only have to warm it up or cook it.
    – Bread
    – A lot of different sauces, I can only eat home made sauces
    – Chips, candy or other snacks like these
    – cookies
    – garniture
    – alcohol
    – etc.

Of course, I cheat. I don’t always eat this clean. There are days where I eat chocolate cookies, the fact that I am going to be feeling sick the next day doesn’t matter. Cheating is natural, it would be very hard for me to not to. I am definitely an emotional eater, so it is worse when I have had a bad day or something. Eating and following this diet makes me feeling very well and it gives me so much energy.

How does your diet look like? I would love to read and share recipes with each other ! 

XO Esmée 




Guide | How I edit my Instagram Photo’s 1

It is finally here! My Instagram Photo Editing Guide . So many of you asked me to write one. This editing guide will help you to create your own style and hopefully it gives you inspiration to get more into editing your photos. So welcome, to Step number 1Before I will start, I would like to make something clear: My Instagram is not my real life, I just love to be creative as it comes to my pictures. Some people call it fake, I call it content. Since everyone’s content is different, I don’t assume that you like mine. But the fact that you are here… well I hope you like this post! If you have any questions at the end, feel free to ask me. I am here to help.

Style & Location                                                       

When I started my Instagram I had no clue where to begin. During these years on Instagram, I learned about my style and what works for me. Finding your style is really important, your Instagram is representing you, so stay close to yourself. This will be must more appreciate, then cooping someone. Most of the time I find my inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest. Save all the photo’s that really inspire you or the photo’s who give you new ideas for your Instagram. Also: go location hunting, take a look around. Maybe there is a lovely small street behind your house, or how does your garden look during spring? Sometimes the best locations are closer then you think.  I always want to create a specific ‘vibe’ or feeling in my photo’s. Although, I love to take just happy, spontaneous ones.  But this is really important for me. I don’t want to take just a simple outfit post. I always hope that my photo’s inspire you, to do different.

Lighting is key

If you want to take a good, clear photo use natural lighting. Open your window, feel the weather. But, avoid sunlight! This gives some extra shadows and yellow in your photo’s that you absolutely don’t want to have. Try to find a place in the shadow or take photo’s outside when it is a cloudy day. If you want to take a photo outside at night, make sure that you are using the right settings on your camera or phone.

Software/apps to edit your photo’s

There are a lot of editing programs, apps en tools out there. Personally, I prefer to edit my photo’s on my phone. It is way easier and so much fun to use a lot of different apps. Every time I edit a new photo, I try out something new. Just to practice more with this. Warning: stop editing at the right moment, sometimes you can get a little to excited and maybe it will then look to much! Down below is a list of all the apps I use to edit my photos. Of course, I don’t use all the apps on every photo, it depends on what I want to do with the picture!

  • VSCO
  • Facetune
  • Snapseed
  • Juxtaposer
  • Afterlight
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Lightroom CC


Step by Step

Before & After

Step 1.

First I add the photo to VSCO, the app consist of so many beautiful filters! Every season I choose another one. For my winter to spring theme I am using the filter: S2. It makes your photo’s bright and light. This go’s really well with the white and pink winter tone in my photo’s.

Step 2.

I go to Facetune, to give the photo some extra detailing. Such as the background, our little cupcakes and my watch.

Step 3.

I open the app Snapseed (which is my favorite!) and go to the drama tool. Here I choose the filter: Light 2. This makes your photo super bright and light.


Filter Snapseed Drama

Step 4.

At tools -> settings, I change up the brightness, saturation, shadows and highlights until I like the result. And that was basically it for this picture!


How do you add stars into your pictures?

Well, I got this question a lot after I posted my London pictures. To add stars or a different sky to your photo I use the app Juxtaposer. It is perfect for this! You can add anything if you want to a photo! You can add two photo’s and use one as a layer over the other one. By playing with this tool, it now takes me just a few minutes to change up the sky. I always download the sky or star images from google. I hope that this guide was helpful for you! Let me know in the comments what you would like to read or learn from my next guide!
xo Esmée


XO Esmée

Lifestyle | What I want to Achieve in 2018


Hi loves, how are you doing? I hope your January is going well so far! School started for me again and I am so happy, because my classmates are super fun. It makes me happy to go to school again, and I think that is really important. This month I started to keep up with a bullet journal for the first time. It made me think about myself, myself growth and how I want everything to work out this year. So I wrote down my fears, goals, favorite songs. Everything that inspired me. Today I wanted to share a few of these things with you. Maybe you wrote down your personal goals also already? Writing down what I want to achieve opened my eyes. In the future of this year, it will keep me motivated. My bullet journal is always in my bag because if I think about something or when I have a creative idea I can write it down immediately.

Self – Growth

On top of the list stay’s: Self growth. Last year, I would say ‘yes’ to everyone, if they asked me to do something. I am not going to be that person anymore. I want to became stronger at this. Because I can’t do anything. Focusing on myself and my future (school) is way more important. My goals are separated into different topics, to give it a clean overview. Every topic has his own subjects.


Last year I focused a lot on weights and getting stronger. This year I want to add some more cardio to get leaner. I am going 5 times in the week to the gym now, mostly in the morning. I decided to do more reps, then adding weights. I don’t want to get to ‘big’, if you know what I mean. Seeing a lot of skinny girls on Instagram daily doesn’t make it easier. remember why you started. I started my workouts because I love it and I am having so much fun in the gym most of the time. That is my motivation for 2018, having fun in what I am doing. Not only to get leaner or to reach my goal: also to enjoy my time doing it!


Something that go’s along with a healthy lifestyle, body and mindset: Nutrition. What do you eat? And why? In 2017 I was eating healthy most of the time. I had a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only thing I did a lot was: snacking…. And that guys, is screwing your whole diet. I didn’t lose fat, the only thing I got was stronger. I was basically bulking all the time ( if you are into fitness you know what I mean, if you are not: it means you are taking more calories to grow your muscles then your body needs). Nutrition and your work out routine should be in balance, to keep yourself strong and active. This year I am going to give my body what it needs. Enough sleep, only healthy food and continue with being a vegetarian! (would you guys be interested to read a post about that?)


Creativity is really important to me. Sometimes your head can be full of all the work you have to do. The more work, the less I am creative. So every time, when an idea pops up into my head I immediately write it down. I made a little notebook for myself, to give all my ideas in 2018 a little reminder.

Did you also made some plans for the new year? I am curious what you guys want to achieve! Let me know!

Lots of love,



5 Reasons Why me-time is important + Tips


It is almost Christmas and that means not only the most magical time of the year, but also the most stressful one. You work hard to get everything done before the end of the year. The pressure at work is high, it can be so busy! At moments like that it is really important to take some time off. Even if you don’t feel like you having time for it. Me-time for me means: taking a hot bath, together with my favorite music and a roman. In this blogpost I wanted to write something about this subject , because I know how much it can mean to me. When I feel tired, unmotivated or stressed I definitely need an evening off. Below you can find a list with all my tips and plans to give yourself some extra time to relax.

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How to avoid a winter ‘depression’


Winter is arriving, and we can’t stop it. November is ending in a few days and there is no holding back. Although December is the month of joy, celebration and family. It is also the month with the darkest and coldest days. Where the sun shows her light only for a few hours. Oh, this sounds depressing already! How are you going to avoid that winter ‘depression’? Years ago I was dealing with this myself, but I found a way to let go of it. Even, these days I am the most inspired now! Today I want to share with you a list of tips to avoid negative thoughts and I will give you some help with getting enough sunshine.

All the positive, will come. In time.


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Sunday Morning ♡


Sundays is the most important day of the week (for me),  it is the perfect day to relax and to get some extra sleep. After a day like this I feel like new. Very often my boyfriend and I are going to watch some series, grab some lunch or we love to spend some time buying all kind of things we don’t actually need.  View Post

Outfit Of The Day | My Birthday

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It is my birthday today, I turned Twenty- Two! It makes me feel so old, although I am still looking (in my opinion) so young. Last week I took this photo’s together with  Kimberley from The Beauty Blog NL. This outfit is one of my favorites to wear when there is something special to celebrate. The sparkles on the skirt makes you ready to party! Unfortunately I can’t go crazy this weekend, because I have some deadlines and exams coming up next week. Tonight I will be at my parents house, to have a lovely dinner. For now, I want to tell you all about this look.

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