Top: Loavies | Skirt: NA-KD | Jewerly: Cluse | Bag: Chi Chi London

Have you ever heard: ‘you have to do it for yourself’, ‘love yourself first, before you can love anyone else’? It may sounds selfish, life is not only about you. But in fact, it is.

Putting yourself first is a topic which is often spoken about, but what does it mean to you? Lately some changes in my life made me realize how important it is to go 100% for yourself. No one is going to get you where you want to be. Because you matter, whatever your dreams, goals or situation is. Putting yourself first means taking care of your body, let it rest in time, treat it well. Your body is your souls home. If you want to feel good happy and energized you should listen to it. It can be anything from cancelling night plans so that you will get enough sleep or by just shutting of your computer for an hour. Everything in your life benefits from already these small changes.

Also, putting yourself first means loving yourself. By every decision, moment or day. It can already help if you write down the things you like about yourself. I noticed that if I work out often I get closer to my body. And I love my body more! It makes me feel good and strong and I have way more confidence then I used to have back in the days. When I was younger I used to dislike so many parts of myself, now I ask myself why? If you feel beautiful, you will be beautiful. What you think you become. When I was in high school I got bullied a lot, people always said: ‘ you are different’. I started to believe this. And now with every step I take in my life, this little word is somewhere hiding in my mind. Ignore these negative thoughts and focus on the positive. That is how I start loving myself.


How to put yourself first 

It can be challenging to put yourself before anything else. What would people think of you? You are maybe afraid that you will lose the connection and contact with the people who are close to you. The reality is… the right ones will stay. The people who really care about you will give you that extra time and space. Learn yourself to say no. Choose your boundaries. Other people will respect them and eventually, they will start to respect you. It took me a while to figure out my boundaries. Especially in relationships, I found this very hard to do. Because you would do everything for love, right? Until it doesn’t make you happy anymore. I was living his life, instead of mine. Here are some changes I noticed by putting myself first:

  • I got more energy
  • I feel happy almost everyday, because I am doing the things I want to do
  • My productivity increased
  • I got way more confident about myself

In order to get where you want to be you have to listen to yourself. What is it in life you really want? For example: I want to feel healthy and energized. Write down a list with things who make you feel this way and follow this list! Write down your thoughts and fears, give them a place on a paper and leave them there. All you have to do is to start.

It makes it easier to begin by making small steps. Schedule some ‘me time‘ in every day. It can be 10 minutes or one hour. That is up to you. In that time of the day you are going to do whatever makes you feel happier and closer to your goals. For me working out or reading a magazine is the best ‘me time’. Or by taking a long bath. I try to do this everyday. Even if I have to cancel a appointment to do this. I understand that if you are not working from home, this can be much harder. But right after your long day at work you can go for a walk outside or you just run into the gym. People often say: I don’t have time. Where do you get the time from to do all this? Well it is all about what you do with the time you have. We are given 24 hours per day. Calculate how many of them you are not doing for yourself, but for someone or something else.

The last things who can help you putting yourself first are:

  • write down a list with things who make you happy
  • ask yourself if what you are doing is giving you energy ( I can get a lot of positive energy from visiting festivals or concerts )
  • if something is not giving you positive energy anymore, change the situation or leave it
  • choose the right people around you
  • choose healthy over junk food or sugars ( changing my diet was the best thing I ever did )
  • take care of your body

I hope all these things will help you to make yourself a priority. If you want to read a updated diet routine, please drop a comment down below

Outfit details:
– Top:  Loavies
– Skirt: NA-KD
– Shoes: Asos
– Bag:  Chi Chi Clothing
– Jewelry: Cluse


Wearing : Vero Moda , by

Hey my lovelies. How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing fine. If you are following me on Instagram you probably know that I just moved in together with my boyfriend. It is so much fun and our home is going to look amazing. A home tour will be up soon! I can tell you: decorating and moving takes so much time. But, it is great to wake up every day next to your loved one. It feels like we have been living here for so long already haha. By accident we came in contact with our renter and she told us after only two weeks that she had a home for us! We never expected to get a house so soon, we had only looked for one week. Living in the middle of the city, is always a thing I really wanted. I love being around people and I love to watch the busy shopping street from a distance. It gives me so much life. We moved in 2 weeks ago now. I was really nervous about it, although me and my boyfriend are together for almost 4 years now. It is crazy how fast the time goes. Are you living together? And how do you feel about this when you are at a younger age? I am really curious!

Today I will be writing this post together with I got the opportunity to purchase some items from  their website. It is my first experience with this webshop and I was super excited to try it out! is an online webshop where you can buy lots of different styles and items from brands such as: Tommy Hilfiger, River Island and Vero Moda. I decided to go for Vero Moda, since I love this brand so much. When I was younger ,around 16, I used to buy all of my clothing there. It was a habit: every month me and my mom took the car to the nearest Vero Moda shop. To come back home with a full new wardrobe. You had to see my dad, he always waited for us to come home to make our own little fashion show. He was the spectator.

Vero Moda,

The first item which I would like to talk about is this blue off the shoulder top.  Lately I have been obsessed with this kind of style. It is perfect for warm summer days. Add a straw or wooden bag and you are ready to go. You can style this top in so many ways, but I decided to go for a pair of black pants. This weekend it was not really hot outside, so this was a great solution. I always prefer wearing  longer pants, even when it is above 20 degrees. This one has  light material, which is perfect. The top is also soft and light, you could easily wear it on a holiday. I am definitely going to take it with me to Greece! Another thing: my boyfriend really needs to get used to all my clothing, we have a big closet now, but he still things that I have way to much. I am trying to storage everything the best I can and I always only keep my favorite pieces and some basics. Our new bedroom is not that big, so we have to deal with a few square meters.

The next outfit is total pink! I wanted to find an outfit like this for so long. I combined a pink blazer together with a pink denim skirt. Cute right? My white sandals are from Asos. The delivery time for took two days and I even moved to another address that week! They said that they could deliver my package to my new address which was great. I wondered for a bit if the pink outfit was not too much, but when you style it with a simple back and some heels you are good to go. We took the pictures of this outfit in The Hague, a city nearby Leiden. I love to shoot around canals, cute bikes and some flowers, and we are done! I also noticed on my Instagram that these kinds of pictures are really popular. Amsterdam is known for her beautiful canals, but sometimes you find other amazing locations in other city’s. I even prefer to shoot in The Hague, Leiden or Haarlem, because Amsterdam is very often to busy. And this way, you will be a little bit more unique. If you know what I mean. Let me know in the comments where you like to go sightseeing.

XO Esmée

Wearing : Vero Moda , by

It is saturday afternoon and I am sitting on my bed. Looking at my newest Christmas decorations. Only the three is missing, I hope I can find the perfect one tomorrow!  If you follow me on Instagram you can see some of my Christmas decorations in my stories. Since a couple of weeks I try to story everyday. If think it is so much fun to share with you my daily activities and workouts. View Post


Into the woods.

Last weekend I went to ‘t Leidse Hout with my boyfriend, it is a pretty but small forest nearby the city. I am obsessed with fall and all the fall colors so we had to make some pictures. I wore my long light brown coat, that I bought last year at Zara. It is my favorite one, I love it so much! With the cold wind, you definitely need a long coat to keep you warm. To make this outfit complete I wore my over the knee boots

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Since the leaves disappeared already, I couldn’t wait to share my last fall photo’s with you. Winter is just around the corner, it was so cold today! I love the change of seasons, nature can do such amazing things. My skirt from Monki is perfect to keep me warm, the material is really thick. You can wear some over the knee boots or a legging like me and you are ready to go.

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Although I had a lot of winter coats already, I fell in love with this grey one from Chi Chi Clothing. They kindly send me a message last week if I wanted to try out one of their coats from their new collection. How could I say no?  View Post



Finally back with a new outfit of the day! I am so happy that I could work together with Lewis Melly , a small (but colorful) brand from Belgium. There items are very unique and stylish.  View Post