White boots for Fall

Finally, I am back and I couldn’t have been happier! I needed some time off to focus on my studies, I still have a few important exams coming up. But… I can not wait to share you my new items. Fall is so beautiful, the weather in the Netherlands is amazing lately and I am shooting so many different outfits at the moment. This one is in partnership with Lulus. I love to wear white during this season because it is in contrast with all the pretty fall colors. You probably have seen the amazing amount of different white heels and boots this summer. Well, you can still wear them now. I have paired them with white jeans because I liked the clean effect. Image wearing a colorful sweater, what shade would you go for with shoes? Black booties would maybe feel a little bit too dark for a sunny fall day. You have gotten to a point when your upper body screams spring while the rest of you is full of winter colors. 

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Fall Trend: Colorful Sweaters

He my lovelies, how is it going? I hope you are doing fine! You probably have seen a lot of Fashion Week pictures going around the internet. It is the best time of the year to get inspired for the new season! I love collecting lots of style pictures and I always put them together to great one big inspiration frame to hang above my work desk. This fall season is going to be really colorful. I haven’t seen so many colors on the runway in a long time. Last week I received this striped sweater from Loavies (Striped Sweater). It is perfect to show off the color trend during fall. I combined this outfit with some cool and easy sneakers. (Brand unknown, sorry guys!). This summer-inspired bag completed my summer to fall look. Colorful Trends Inspiration this is an example of where I find my inspiration. Brands are the perfect place to get new style ideas! Personally, I still have to invest some money in new knits for this fall season. 

My jeans are Levi’s  , actually, these are my first pare! I love the fitting, so comfortable. Also, this outfit is really easy to wear to school or work. You will look fun and fashionable, especially with the color print!

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How to Style: Midi Skirt

Normally I almost never post a blog post on Sunday’s, but I just could not wait to share this look with you! Last week has been very hectic and exciting for me and I am slowly starting to get used to travel to Amsterdam every day. My internship is really fun and I can not wait to learn more. I am so happy I am out of the books for a while, I was so done studying. I am glad I can do something different now. Also, working during the week means that you are 100% free during the weekend! So, I spend all my free time at writing, reading and I love to visit my family. Things aren’t going so well lately (with my family), so it is important for me to stay in close contact with my loved ones. Maybe sometimes I wish some situations where different, but you can not change them. I try to be as positive as possible but there are times when I can not keep up. I do not want to get into more specific details, it is a sensitive topic.

Fall is by far one of my favorite seasons. I have to admit that I am already listing to Christmas music when I am at home. It makes me so happy, snuggling around in my high knee socks. The weather in the Netherlands is actually really good for this time of the year. It is still warm and calm, so I decided to style my sweater together with a midi skirt. The skirt also has a split in the middle and on the site. I have seen a lot of designers style them in the most amazing ways on the catwalk during fashion week!
You can find similar ones over here: SKIRT STORY.
My bag is from: Valentino Handbags

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3 key pieces to wear this Fall season

The Animal Print Trend

This trend is coming back every year and this year designers went all the way! You can see so many different kinds of animal patterns in stores. I have to say: I needed some time to actually like it. As soon as I bought my leopard printed top from Only I was in love. So I am definitely going to invest more in these kinds of pieces!

Rock the Western Style
From California to here, the western boots patterns and styles arrived and found themselves away into fashion week. What was I missing? I have to admit that this isn’t my favorite trend to talk about… but we can always give it a try. I selected a few pieces that I would wear underneath a skinny jeans. Combared with a white styles western blouse.

Going well Plaid
This print is coming back every season. It is timeless to wear and every year I am excited to see how the trend is turning out. This year it is hot to style different colors of plaid pieces together. Like they did right here. So go out of your comfort zone and try it out! 

I hope you loved to see which items I have picked out!

Let me know what you think about these trends <3

Ministry of Style x Esmée Rodrigo

Hi lovelies, how are you doing? Summer feels so far away already! I started my internship this week at a PR agency in Amsterdam. Which is so interesting already.  As a blogger, I am signed in at different PR agency’s, for my internship I wanted to do something in this nice. So, this was a great opportunity. I will be learning all the work that is going behind brands, agency’s, stylists and so on. I am wondering how far I will be in 6 months. Despite this, it is really busy in Amsterdam at the moment because it is Amsterdam Fashion Week. This weekend I will be visiting a few shows, it is my first time attending fashion week. Have you ever visited a show?

Today’s outfit is in collaboration with a brand I adore so much! Ministry of Style is a brand from Australia, the clothing items are so gorgeous. I am going to wear a whole Ministry of Style outfit to AFW. The jumpsuit I am wearing is called: The Embracing Me and it fits amazing. Also, the quality is really nice. The pattern makes the outfit more playful and chic. I wore this one a couple of nights when we went out for dinner.

My shoes are from See by Chloé Sarenza Slides and they are my favorite kee summer peace! Easy to slide in and they also contain the same pattern as the jumpsuit! See By Chloe is one of my favorite designers at the moment. I can not wait for the winter items to arrive in the shop. My well loved bag is from Cult Gaia

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Cult Gaia and Versace | Zakynthos

I can not believe how fast the time goes every time I travel abroad. My and my boyfriend had a relaxing week in Zakynthos, a Greece island. It was my 5th time visiting a Greece island. It is clear that I can not have enough. Greece definitely stole my heart. The small streets, the sweet people, the food, the sea, ones you have been there you know what I am talking about. Zakynthos is the greenest island I have visited so far, it contains so much nature. We drove around for hours on our quad to explore the caves, beaches, and little villages. As soon as we booked I decided to check out google to find the best places around our apartment to shoot my outfits. When I saw these sunbeds, I had to make this matching picture.

This beach was in Agios Sostis, a small village right next to the beach. Our apartment was 5 minutes away, it was the perfect spot! I normally never buy anything on the beach but this day there was a seller walking around with fresh fruits. Of course, I couldn’t resist. We have been visiting this beach twice this holiday because there were so many other places to explore! Zakynthos has so much to offer. I am wearing a bikini from Shein, the quality is fine and it fits good around my hips. Decided to order some more for our next trip! I found some other awesome pieces: Shop my Swimwear here . My bag is from Cult Gaia  and I love it so much! It makes every outfit so stylish. The sunglasses is not from Versace but the one laying on the sunbed is! I loved to style this pictures with my cat eye sunnies, in my next post you will see the one from Versace!

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Summer to Fall | Sneakers to wear

We are halfway summer and my summer sneaker collection is bigger than ever! And I realized I never talk about them. Perhaps, you have seen a few passing by on my Instagram or blog. Today I will get you through my summer shoe collection and the ones who are on my wishlist for Fall! I personally cannot wait for fall, I already invested some money in new tea flavors. Soon there will be a blog post online with my favorite Fall pieces. Maybe I can make one about changing my wardrobe and making it ready for fall? As some of you know, me and my boyfriend have our own apartment now. I haven’t shared a lot about it, because moving takes time and energy folks haha. Well, more about that later. Let’s talk about my favorite sneakers a.t.m! In the picture above I am wearing my white sneakers from the brand: Hummel. This basic pear is simple to style and wear during every season. They are so comfortable! They are small and not that big. So your outfit will get enough attention. The next ones that I love are my … Fila’s. I bought them recently in Amsterdam, doubting a lot if I should get them or not. I never regret. I had to get used to this trend. But now I almost never take them off. Style them under a dress and you will look fab! These ones are a bit bigger, then the ones from Hummel. But they are good to go. As I said, I wasn’t a fan of this trend, but now I can not live without them.

A week ago I found out about Sport Showroom. NL.  A Dutch webshop where you can buy from brands like Adidas and Nike. They just launched, so I was kind of new with using this website. During this afternoon I was searching for a new pair to add on my wish list. The Nike Air Force 1 got my eye. ( my fall – wish list is getting long now! )There are a lot of other styles who may fit yours. It comes in more types of variations. Did you know that the name of this shoe is the same they use for the airplane from the President? The first ones were designed in 1982 and they were used by basketball players. So fun to hear that they now changed into a casual shoe, that a lot of students are wearing these days. It is the basic shoe from Nike but now reinvented. It comes in new styles, I love it.

To style my sneakers the best way I always look up for inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest. I would style  the white Air Force 1 with a cute short dress, to make it comfortable during hot days.



  • In collaboration with http://sportshowroom.nl/

Summer Swimwear | Hunkemöller x Doutzen Kroes

Hi my loves, as you probably know I am on holiday in Zakynthos right now! We arrived this morning and we are so ready to explore this island. Last Friday we made our travel – planning. We like to do this everytime before we are going somewhere. Write down a few points you would like to see and we also schedule some time to relax of course! Have you ever been to Greece or a specific island? Greece is definitely the best place to visit when you are looking for a fun but relaxing holiday! To enjoy my time as much as I can at the pool I find it important that I  am wearing a bikini which makes me feel great and confident about my body. I selected a few that I liked, to share them with you today. These bikinis are my favorites. Down below you can see which ones I am having with me. You can see my favorite one on the picture above from the Hunkemoller Doutzen Kroes collection. (it is on SALE now!) I love the triangle shaped top. This trend is going on for a while now and we will definitely see this back a lot this summer again. It complements your shape and breast. It fits easily and you can adjust every single strep. The color is light pink, with a soft pattern as you can see. Doutzen’s collection is great if you are looking for a simple but elegant bikini.




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