Where to buy: Instagram Inspired Swimwear

With the start of May, summer is right around the corner. Who isn’t ready?! I have nothing planned yet, but I am excited to see what this summer is going to bring! Today I will help you prepare, to enjoy your vacation fashionable and relaxed. I guess I am not the only one who realize, just before leaving to your dream destination, that you needed a new swim outfit to rock your days at the pool. Every year struggling to find the right piece, can be hard and when you look at all the perfect Instagram pictures, you might feel a little bit insecure. In this post I will show you how you can look just as all the girls on the gram:


This first red Swimsuit is perfect if you want to stand out and get all the attention to you. Personally I love to style this with a high waisted short on my way to the beach. You can even wear it on a daily bases or when you want to make that crazy festival outfit. Nobody would stand in your way, believe me.

black fforal

I am obsessed with Triangle bikini tops, they are so flattering and girli at the same time. What do you think of this little black one?. It has little floral details on the top and bottom. It is not exactly the same, but it is so cute! You can get it at romwecom.

pink bikini.jpg

Last, but not least, my favorite. You guys know that I love pink, so I had to add this one to the list! It has blue and purple detailing. Even if your not really tanned, like me, it would  look great with your light skin tone.

Which one is your favorite?

xo Esmée

ps. For this post I worked together with ROMWE

Outfit Of The Day | Bring on the Yellow


‘Find those people around you, who inspire you to make the best out of your life. Who motivate you to become better and better. If you don’t feel comfortable around someone, don’t waste your energy’

Posting a new outfit post every week, makes me see how much I am changing at the moment. Today I am wearing a yellow ruffled top, a metallic skirt and fresh white sneakers, who are perfect for summer. These items match so well! This look is perfect for a summer party, late at night. Or you can just wear it on a daily bases, like me. My white sneakers from the brand DWRS are from the online webshop Sooconl, they worked together with me on this post. On the website you can find brands as Adidas, Tamaris and Puma creepers. They have a special page for us, ladies! You can choose for a new pair of  heels, boots, pumps, loafers, they sell literally everything. I am glad, I definitely needed a new pair of white kicks for summer. To make this outfit a little bit more fun, I added these cute white socks from Misspap. If you follow my Instagram, you know I am obsessed with blossoms. So I had to take picture underneath this beautiful tree. What do you think?

DWRS Sneakers




‘Take me to Paradise’

Outfit Details:
Top: Monki
Skirt: Monki
Sneakers: Sooco

xo Esmée

Diary | Step by Step: ‘Achieve’ Your Goals


Okay guys, I have something to tell you. Something that I experienced this year, 2017. To explain this, we have to go back to September, 2016. I started my new school year full of energy, I wanted to do everything that I could possibly can. So I signed up for extra courses, followed a blog schedule and worked so hard on the own company me and some other students have. With a lack of sleep, motivation and ambition I started 2017. Totally lost myself. I didn’t pass every exam, what made me feel really disappointing in myself. Because, if I worked hard, I could do it all, right?! Well, the happy, energetic person was gone. I had putted so much pressure on myself, that wasn’t even necessary. I wanted to be ‘that perfect person that can do everything.’

This brings me back to all the quotes about: achieving your goals. I think it is really important to have a or a few, goals in your life. Some things, that you are living for. But, don’t make it yourself to hard. Because you will lose your happiness, your fire and your strength. Now, I don’t believe in these quotes anymore. I just want to be happy. With my process and my dreams. My goals will be there, but now they are less important for me. I let go of being ‘perfect’ and I started to Enjoy The Ride towards them.

xo Esmée

Outfit Of The Day | Rosé Rosé

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Rosé Rosé | Oohh how much I love sundays. Friday I had my last exam and now it is time for a well deserved holiday. I have one week off, so lots of time to build up some new content for the blog. In today’s post I am wearing a ruffled rosé blouse from Misspap, of course. This web shop stole my heart and I am ordering way to much lately… My skirt is from ASOS and little heels from Primark. I personally love this combination. The floral print fits perfect with this season, such as the colors. What do you think?

x Esmee


Diary | Let’s talk about love

Love, when you are young, you believe that it is something magical. Something you would life and die for. Of course, having feelings for someone, is a magical feeling. It go’s deeply, right from your heart. But let’s keep things real: love is also a process. A process that can break you. When you are in love, you are weak and sensitive. Maybe you are suddenly insecure about yourself: are you even good enough to be with this other person?

I think that being in love can change people, as it changed me. I also see this by my friends. This doesn’t have to be in a negative way, it brings also a lot of positive things into your life. You found a best friend, a soulmate. Someone that inspires you, who motivates you. Since I am in a relationship, for two years now, I recognized myself that I am sharing everything with him. From my daily breakfast till a car accident that happened in front of me on my way to school. Being in love or in a relationship makes you sometimes forget about yourself. It is so important to step back ones in a while, to take some time off and work on you.

How you feel about someone or about love is different for everyone. I wanted to describe my vision on love a little bit in this post, but I feel like it turned out to be all over the place. The most important thing is that you are happy, that the person you love makes you feel strong and good about yourself. Supporting each other is one of the things that you can’t miss in your relationship. So think about that.

Are you in a relationship?

xo Esmee

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Outfit Of The Day | Blue Baby

Today I wanted to show you my new Blouse that I got from ROMWE. It has floral detailing, and ruffled shoulders. You guys know that I am obsessed with the ruffle trend lately, so this blouse wasn’t really a surprise. I saw several ones like this on Instagram by other fashion bloggers and I fell in love. It fits me perfectly and it has a strong quality. I don’t want you to get bored… so let’s move on to the outfit pictures!

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Outfit Details:
Top: Romwe
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Sacha

xo Esmée