Feel your Best | Summer workout Routine

Hi my loves, how is your summer going? Maybe you are enjoying the beach all day, or maybe you are working your ass off to get some savings for the winter? However, I hope you will get some time to chill and relax for a bit. Growing older, I find it harder to get the time to do this. Especially as a blogger, you always have some work to do. I got a lot of questions about my fitness routine on my Instagram lately. It is time to share my favorite work out gear and how I stay fit and healthy during summer.  As many of you know I eat about 80% off the time vegan since last year December. It has a major impact on my body. My hair and nails grow insane, I feel energetic and well – rested. I really want to change this to a 100%, but I am still learning about this lifestyle. I am taking this step by step. My summer workout routine consists off: – Horse riding twice per…

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