You’re not behind in life | Passing my mid twenties

You’re not behind in life shop my coat and hat here: Outfit Links As an 25 year old student I get the question: ”do you know what you want to do in life?” a lot. It frustrates me, because how do I know. One day I visualize myself as a writer for a big magazine. The other day I see myself working as a freelancer on Bali living the good life. Every grown up person would say: your twenties are the best time of your life! You will learn to be independent, make friendships who last forever and you will eventually find yourself. And all of that is true. But your twenties are also the most questionable, scary and uncertain times. A lot of people enter your life and they leave as quickly as they came. In your twenties it is important to be selfish, to completely focus on what you want to create. Time is now, is one of the quotes I often forgot about. I felt behind because a lot of my friends already…

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