How to grow your blog successfully in 2020

How to grow your blog successfully in 2020 – This morning I woke up to a message from a friend who said: ‘who reads your blog? Like seriously, do people follow you there?’ It sounds like a complete judgment and it made me feel like I had to protect my work. Standing up for myself. I have been waiting nervously for the traffic and income to increase for more than two years. Creating a blog was one big step, getting readers was a whole other challenge. This message came in hard, but it also inspired me to share my tips and tricks to grow a blog-following in 2020. ‘Blogging is overrated’ ‘The work is not worth it’ ‘It is to late to start’ ‘Nobody is going to notice’ Twitter Twitter is your best friend if you want to grow your blog! A lot of people forget about this amazing app that allows you to build up relationships with your following. Lately, I found out that there are groups of bloggers supporting each other there. Share…

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