How to get noticed on Instagram

Pictures by : Kevin Adams @smada.k Very often I get the questions: how did you grow your Instagram account till 16,5 k followers? How do you contact brands and how do you create a feed? When I was younger I would never thought I would be here right now. Doing something like this, was only a dream. In this blogpost I am going to explain a few things to you about Instagram and how to get noticed as a ‘blogger’ or ‘instagrammer’. I do not like the word influencer so you won’t see this back here. The App A little reminder: Instagram is a Social media application. The app was build to connect with each other by sharing photo’s or video’s. So, if you want to get noticed: be out there. Like and comment on other bloggers photo’s. Share thoughts, your daily activities and favorite songs on your insta stories. Try to be as open as possible: they need to get to know you ! In this way you are able to see Instagram growth…

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3 benefits of being a small blogger

Hi Loves! How are you doing? I hope you loved this amazing weather today as much as I did! Lately I am obsessed with buying florals, they bright up my room and the smell is amazing. I prefer to put them next to my window, so that they get enough sunshine and every time I look at them…. It just makes me super happy. Although you guys know that I am a winter lover. But, enough rambling for today.. let’s move on to today’s topic I want to talk about. I see so many girls dying over big bloggers: ‘so perfect!’ or ‘I want her life!’ and stuff like that. I know growing your blog can be hard and it may looks impossible. Today I wanted to spread some positivity to tell you how much you can actually do when you are a small blogger!  Close with your audience First things first: having a blog is already a great! Be super duper proud about it. It is your little place on the internet, which you…

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