You’re not behind in life | Passing my mid twenties

You’re not behind in life shop my coat and hat here: Outfit Links As an 25 year old student I get the question: ”do you know what you want to do in life?” a lot. It frustrates me, because how do I know. One day I visualize myself as a writer for a big magazine. The other day I see myself working as a freelancer on Bali living the good life. Every grown up person would say: your twenties are the best time of your life! You will learn to be independent, make friendships who last forever and you will eventually find yourself. And all of that is true. But your twenties are also the most questionable, scary and uncertain times. A lot of people enter your life and they leave as quickly as they came. In your twenties it is important to be selfish, to completely focus on what you want to create. Time is now, is one of the quotes I often forgot about. I felt behind because a lot of my friends already…

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Birthday Make Up

Hi loves! I hope you are doing well. Since the coronavirus arrived in the Netherlands it has been a bit stressful. A lot of people are so scared! I hope you are feeling okay and if you are sick, that you will be getting better soon. Let’s move on to today’s post! It is my birthday on Monday so I thought it was about time to show you my make up routine. This post is in collaboration with . I love to make my make up a little bit more extra with a pair of falsies. Especially since it will be my 25th birthday! I can’t believe that I am already turning 25, it feels like I need to have everything under control now. In this post, I will share with you my favorite make up products for a basic routine + a little touch up for my birthday! Base For my base, I use the Garnier BB Cream Light since I am not a fan of foundation. For me this product works perfectly fine, it gives…

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5 Things 2018 has taught me

2018 was overall a good year for me: I can definitely say that I found my inner peace.  In 2018 I found a kind of peace within myself that I haven’t felt before. I started with accepting that I was enough. In our society, we are consistently overwhelmed with ‘girl bosses’ and ‘superwoman’. Because of my studies, things that happened in my family, I built up a huge pressure on myself, this pressure almost ruined me in 2017. At the end of 2017, I was done with running around like a crazy person, consistently crossing my own borders. Happy thoughts came and 2018 gave me so much, more than I could imagine! Life is NOW – These three words may sound scary, but it is so true! Why wondering and doubting when you can do things right away. I have to admit that I waited too long with things in my life. Especially the ones who scare the hell out of me. Of course, you have to be fully ready to do something, to change. But…

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