Everyday Curls Hair Tutorial

Hey, my loves! How are you doing today? How is your quarantine time? I am spending a lot of time focusing on me. I work out every day and try to schedule everything as much as possible. I also started bullet journaling again which made me feel really happy. These times are really scary, you never know what is coming with the virus that is taking over our world. It is the scariest thing! Please stay safe and insight, I wish you all the best ❤ Let’s move on to today’s post… I wash my hair twice per week, this works best for me and it keeps my hair very healthy. This is my step by step routine to get my blonde, curly hair: 1. First I spray in some heat protection to prevent my hair from damage. 2. The second step is to blow dry my hair with the Formawell Beauty X Kendall Jenner Ionic Gold Fusion Pro Föhn . 3. When my hair is totally dry I like to pull up half of my…

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Lifestyle | What I want to Achieve in 2018

  Hi loves, how are you doing? I hope your January is going well so far! School started for me again and I am so happy, because my classmates are super fun. It makes me happy to go to school again, and I think that is really important. This month I started to keep up with a bullet journal for the first time. It made me think about myself, myself growth and how I want everything to work out this year. So I wrote down my fears, goals, favorite songs. Everything that inspired me. Today I wanted to share a few of these things with you. Maybe you wrote down your personal goals also already? Writing down what I want to achieve opened my eyes. In the future of this year, it will keep me motivated. My bullet journal is always in my bag because if I think about something or when I have a creative idea I can write it down immediately. Self – Growth On top of the list stay’s: Self growth. Last…

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