Instagram Likes: Why you shouldn’t care about them

Hey my lovelies, today I wanted to write about an important topic that has been going around lately: getting the likes. (Instagram likes) Since the algorithm was introduced by Instagram big creators saw there engagement going down. After months of complaining I feel like it is finally getting a bit better now. Also, my engagement decreased and it FREAKED me out. I was working so hard, for what?! Instagram! I see girls now, who are just starting Instagram growing like crazy. I wondered for a while… what am I doing wrong? If you are also struggling with this, this blog post may help you out! We all just need to relax a little bit… First we will go a little bit into the details, why do we get so obsessed with likes on social media? Getting a certain amount of likes gives us the feeling that we are  important. People like us ! omg. It would be so weird if we would have a like button in real life haha. If you are insecure about the fact that people like…

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