Vegan Estrid Razors | Review

Vegan Estrid Razors Review Hi loves! I hope you are doing well, I already told you that I am so excited for Spring and Summer! To be honest, I haven’t been taking care of my body ”hair” all winter. Especially since lockdown, so this package came right on time! This blogpost is a review of the vegan Estrid Razors ( The package is super cute! It made me excited to try out this brand. The package comes with a well made brochure, so really handy for first-time users! To be honest, I do not like shaving and I tend to postpone it until I can’t walk around with bare legs anymore, haha! The  razor  The razor itself lays easy in my hand while shaving my legs. It is sharp but also soft on my skin and it leaves my skin extremely soft.  For lubricant they use cocoa butter, aloe vera and shea butter, which is what makes the razor fully vegan friendly! My legs are hair-free after shaving so that was great! I didn’t had…

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How I really feel about Instagram | Diary

I was thinking about writing this blogpost for a long time now and I finally found the courage to put the words out: Instagram has a major influence on me. Daily. We may not admit it, but just like other social media applications it does. In negative and positive ways. I can not imagine how young children grow up differently now compared to my life when I had their age. It is not a surprise that brands or organizations call us ‘influencers’. We are ( now I speak for the other bloggers out there ) a huge part of this social media hype, even if we do not want to. As a blogger you need to be out there and to be honest, I may see my IPhone screen more hours per day then my boyfriend… That sounds almost sad right? Maybe it is, to other people. But even with the impact of social media: I love that this is my part-time job. This does not mean that Instagram does not have an influence on…

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