What to do when you feel uninspired

Hi babes, I am back!! 100%.After almost six months I thought it was about time to write some new stuff down again. I have been at a bad place last winter and I am trying every day to grow myself stronger and happier within. I noticed how much my moods influenced my creativity. At some point there was literally nothing  I could come up with, I felt like all my dreams just faded away. As a blogger, your imagination and creativity is the biggest part of your career. There were a few things that helped me to get back on track, in a different way, but maybe even in a better one.So here are some tips and tricks to do when you feel uninspired about life: BE sure to get enough rest and sleep. I can’t say enough how important this is! This is a big struggle point for me because I love to go out with friends. I am out of the house all the time. Either I am at school, working at the…

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